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Why us

"It is not easy for a school to cater to student's individual needs. School develops a student's personality through group activities. However, learning is individual centric. Children have different learning curves and individualized attention outside of school is required."
Not every student learns equally when being taught by a teacher in the classroom. With MeritPath, students are neither rushed nor slowed down. Their learning progresses just at the right pace for them.
Access all our content any time of the day on a computer, tablet or a smartphone of your choice.
Access on-line learning material for CBSE, ICSE, and SSC from Class 1 to Class XII.
MeritPath initiative: Our Mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of students around the world. Everything we do supports learning from producing a growing library of original animated videos ,textbooks,interactive,to providing an international platform for students around the globe to gain knowledge.

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Meritpath...Way to Success!

Meritpath provides well organized smart e-learning study material with balanced passive and participatory teaching methodology. Meritpath is on-line e-learning education portal with dynamic interactive hands on sessions and worksheets.