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Class V - Science: Historical sites - Wanaparthy fort
They stand as evidence to the history of hundreds of _________     days years
The house we live in, clothes we wear, food we eat, traditions we follow, etc., reflect our _________     culture money
Khammam Qila Palace was built by _________ in Khammam     Kakatiya Kings Prathaparudra
_________ Palace was built by Tribhuvana Malla Vikramaditya in Nalgonda.     Medak Bhuvanagiri
Pavuram Rangachargulu of this estate was the author of more than a _________ books.     thousand hundred
Among them Bahiri Gopala Rao visited temples in Tirupati     Maharashtra hundred
_________ Palace was built by Kakatiyas in Warangal.     Orugallu Falaknuma
There used to be many _________ there. Hence the name Vanaparti (vanam - forest)     house forests
There are many forts symbolizing the history of Telangana State.Orugallu, Gadwal, Golconda, Devarakonda, Bhuvanagiri, _________ ,     pachidikonda Domakonda
Vanaparti is _________ Kms away from Hyderabad     140 14
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