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Class VII - Social: Making of Laws in the State Assembly
In _________ , political parties play a major role     elections meetings
He or she will be made the Chief Minister of the state by the _________     prime minister Governor
A constituency in Telangana has about 1,70,000 _________     people voters
_________ Constituencies Reserved for SCs in telangana     19 25
The _________ members will elect one member among themselves as their leader     majority minority
The Cabinet is responsible for implementation of the laws, for preparing and passing _________ laws and welfare schemes in the Assembly     old new
The laws are made by the Legislative _________ and the Parliament     Assemblies Council
After being passed by both the chambers and after the approval of the Governor, it becomes a law and is called an _________     Bill Act
The Minister directs the _________ in the departments under his or her charge     bills policies
The normal tenure of the Legislative Assembly of every State is for _________ years     seven five
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