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Class VII - Social: Rain and Rivers
The temperature rises _________ every day between march and June in telangana     lower higher
The temperature rises higher every day between _________ and June in telangana     march january
Rains very heavily on the _________     Rivers Oceans
Floods are often caused by sudden _________ in the volume of water reaching a River     decrease increase
The process of Evaporation speeds up with the increase in _________     pressure temperature
The amount of rainfall for a unit area is measured in _________     meters centimeters
Water flows in small streams from the mountain slopes during the _________ season     rainy winter
Streams or _________ joining a larger river are called the tributaries of the main river     Sea Rivers
The amount of _________ water vapours present in the atmosphere is known as Humidity     visible invisible
River Krishna and Godavari form deltas in the _________ Coast     Western Eastern
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