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Class VII - Social: Production in a Factory A Paper Mill
The liquid pulp is then _________ using chemicals. It then becomes creamy     coloured whitened
More than half of the electricity requirement is met through the factory's own _________     hydro electrocity power generators
The second largest paper producer is _________     China India
Paper mills generally use wood from _________ trees     subabul mango
The pulp dries up as the water drains out and evaporates due to _________     heat cold
_________ is also recycled in paper mills     Lactus Scrap paper
_________ is large pieces of wood are cut into small chips with the help of large machines     Chipping Cutting
Paper mills generally use wood from _________     bamboo teak
The first paper mill was started in Serampore in _________     1812 1813
_________ village is the biggest center in western india humming of sound in paper activities     Sanganer Ratnagiri
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