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Class VII - Social: Reading Maps of Different Kinds
If we have to lay roads in an undulating region between two places, such _________ help us in deciding the route to be taken by the road     maps plants
_________ mapping, also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality     Depression Projection
A contour is a line joining places with _________ heights on the map     inequal equal
The distance between _________ contour lines will depend upon the landscape     two one
There are high tides and low tides on the level of the sea, and they never stand _________     firmly flowy
A map with a visual representation of _________ used for automobile travel and navigation     roads sea
Contour lines are shown in _________ shapes depending upon the land form     regular irregular
GIS is an abbreviated geographic _________ system     information informatic
A map is a smaller representation of an area on the _________ surface     earths moon
A _________ map focuses on the location and names of features     reference statistical
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