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Class VII - Social: Europe
The Rhine is one of the most important rivers as it flows through several countries and empties itself into the North _________     Sea Lake
Mediterranean sea separates Europe in the north from _________ in the south     Argentina Africa
Countries like Poland and Russia have severe winters while France and Great Britain are comparatively _________     warmer colder
The Alps, the most important _________ ranges of Europe, are covered with snow all year round     mountain plateau
_________ is the season of agriculture in Europe     Summer Autumn
The entire _________ Sea is a large gulf     Baltic Red
_________ ,The climate changes once again in September and October     Autumn Spring
Winds blow from the _________ , these winds are called 'Westerlies     west south
Most of its countries experience snowfall in _________     winter summer
Bays and gulfs are parts of the sea _________ by land on three sides     disclosed enclosed
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