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Class VII - Social: Devotional Paths to the Divine
Nathpanthis, _________ and Yogis advocated renunciation of the world     Siddhacharas Ramacharas
The path to salvation lay in _________ on the formless Ultimate Reality     mediation Speculation
_________ drew followers from both Hindus and Muslims     Akbar Kabir
Virashaiva movement began in _________ in the mid-twelfth century     Tamil Nadu Karnataka
Ramanuja also ensured a place for people of _________ castes in temple worship     upper lower
_________ saw a great number of saint-poets, whose songs in simple Marathi continue to inspire people till date     Gujarat Maharashtra
Muslim scholars developed a _________ called Shariat     holy place holy law
_________ one of the most influential     Ramanuja Shankara
Sankaracharya , was born in _________ in the eighth century     kerala karnataka
The Virashaiva movement initiated by _________     Annamayya Basavanna
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