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Class VII - Social: Mughal empire
_________ followed a policy of religious tolerance     Humayun Akbar
Babur was invited by _________ to defeat Ibrahim Lodi     Maharana Sangram Singh Maharana Pratap Singh
Babur died in _________     AD 1526 AD 1530
Humayun died in AD 1556 and was succeeded by his son _________     Jahangir Akbar
Babur and Rana Sanga met at the _________ near Fatehpur Sikri     Battle of Khanua Battle of Panipat
The provinces were divided into sarkars each sarkar consisted of several _________     Subas Parganas
In AD 1531 _________ declared his independence from Humayun     Chengiz Khan Sher Khan
_________ reimposed the Jaziya the religious tax on non-muslims that Akbar had abolished     Humayun Aurangazeb
Bairam khan and Akbar met _________ in the SECOND BATTLE OF PANIPAT in AD 1556 and defeated him     Sher Khan Hemu
Sher shah introduced the copper coins called _________     Dam Mohar
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