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Class I - science: Our Needs
We take rest and sleep in the _________     living room bedroom
We should never eat _________ food on the road     covered uncovered
We need clothes to _________ our body     uncover cover
Milk and eggs are some of the _________ foods     animal plant
We must always wear clean clothes. _________ can make us fall sick     Dirty clothes Clean clothes
Food makes us _________ and healthy, It helps us to grow     strong weak
We spend time with our family and guests in the _________ room     kitchen drawing
Cotton Clothes keep us cool in _________ season     rainy summer
Vegetables and _________ are some of the plant foods     eggs fruits
We stay healthy if we eat _________ amount of healthy food     unbalanced balanced
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Congratulations! You have won the game!
How To: Select the correct word to complete the sentence.