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Class X - Social: Climate of India
An international organization called Inter-governmental Panel on _________ Change was formed to address     Climate Season
_________ change is something that happens at a global level     Climate Season
The weather of a place often changes _________ during the course of a day     unexpectedly expectedly
The northern plain experiences dry and hot winds called _________     Rabi Loo
The Arabian Sea branch arrives at the west coast of _________ and moves north ward     India Bengal
_________ of the rainfall of the Coromandel Coast is derived from depressions and cyclones     Bulk Climate
The latest attempt was made at the IPCC conference in Warsaw in _________     2015 2013
_________ is causing many changes in the distribution of heat in the Earth system     AGW Climate change
India lies in the belt of dry north-east trade winds     West North
A jet stream causes the neighboring atmosphere to cool     Hot Cool
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