CBSE : Class VI - Science

  • Food Variety
  • Food Materials And Sources
  • Plant Parts And Animal Products As Food
  • What Do Animals Eat
Changes Around Us
  • Can All Changes Always Be Reversed
  • Could There Be Other Ways To Bring A Change
  • How Much Water Do We Use
  • Where Do We Get Water From
  • Water Cycle
  • Back to The Oceans
  • What If It Rains Heavily
  • What Happens If It Does Not Rain For a Long Period
Components of Food
  • What Do Different Food Items Contain
  • What Do Various Nutrients Do For Our Body
  • Balanced Diet
  • Diffeciency Diseases
Fibre to Fabric
  • Variety In Fabrics
  • Fibre
  • Some Plant Fibres
  • Spinning Cotton Yarn
  • Yarn To Fabric
  • History Of Clothing material
Sorting Materials Into Groups
  • Objects Around Us
  • Properties Of Materials
  • Hardness
  • Soluble or Insoluble
  • Objects may Float or Sink In Water
  • Transparency
Separation Of Substances
  • Methods Of Separation
  • Hand Picking
  • Threshing
  • Winnowing
  • Sieving
  • Sedimentation,Decantation And Filtration
Getting To Know Plants
  • Herbs,Shrubs And Trees
  • Stem
  • Leaf
  • Root
  • Flower
Body Movements
  • Human Body And Its Movements
  • Ball And Socket Joints,Pivotal Joint
  • Hinge Joints,Fixed Joints
  • Gait Of Animals
  • Earthworm,Snail
  • Cockroach,Birds,Fish
The Living Organisms And Their Surrounding
  • Organisms And The Surroundings Where They Live
  • Habitat And Adaptation
  • A Journey Through Different Habitats
  • Characteristics Of The Living Beings
Motion And Measurement Of Distances
  • Story Of Transport
  • How Far Have You Travelled,How Wide Is This Desk
  • Some Measurements
  • Standard Units Of Measurements
  • Correct Measurement Of Length
  • Measuring The Length Of A Curved Line
Electricity and Circuits
  • Electrical Cell
  • A Bulb Connected To An Electric Cell
  • An Electric Circuit
  • Electric Switch
  • Electric Conductors And Insulators
  • Classification of Triangles
Light, Shadows And Reflections
  • Transparent,Opaque And Transparent Objects
  • What Exactly Are Shadows
  • A Pinhole Camera
  • Mirrors And Reflections
Fun With Magnets
  • Magnetic And Non Magnetic Materials
  • Poles Of Magnet
  • Finding Directions
  • Make Your Own Magnet
  • Attraction And Repulsion Between Magnets
  • A Few Cautions
Air Around Us
  • Is Air Present Everywhere Around Us
  • What Is Air Made Up Of
  • How Does Oxygen Become Available To Animals And Plants Living In Water and Soil
  • How Is The Oxygen In The atmosphere Replaced
Garbage in Garbage out
  • Dealing with Garbage
  • Vermicomposting
  • Think And Throw
  • Recycling Of Paper
  • Plastics-Boon Or A Curse
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