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    Which letter is not me?

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  • Fact

    Why are most big cities located near water?

    Most large cities got their starts in the days before trains, airplanes, or cars. Land travel back then consisted of riding horses, bumping along rough roads in animal-drawn wagons or carriages, or making one’s way by foot. In those days, the easiest way to travel long distances was by ship. So towns with good harbors that were located on oceans, lakes, and rivers became gathering places. Travelers got on and off ships there, sometimes bringing goods from faraway places (called importing). Such towns became trading centers, developing their own businesses to make goods to ship away, or export. Workers moved into these towns to fill the growing numbers of jobs, and others came to provide services for the increasing populations building lodging, banks, and stores. Being located near water allowed many towns to prosper, growing into cities.

  • Joke

    Mother: Denny, how did you get your pants so wet?
    Denny: I just washed them.
    Mother: But why don’t you let them dry before you put them on?
    Denny: Because the label says, “Wash and Wear!”.

  • Quotation


    The starting Doint of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind.Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.

    --- Inspirational

  • Puzzle

    puzzle image
    Take 5 matchsticks and break each one into 5 separate pieces. The pieces with heads count 5 points, all the pieces without heads count 1 point. Put these 25 pieces into the 9 squares so that each vertical, horizontal and diagonal row adds up to 15. You may only use the numbers 1 to 9 and may only use each number once.

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