• Riddle

    What's got a wave but no sea?

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  • Fact

    Why does head hair grow longer than other hair on the body?

    All hairs have a particular life span before they fall out. With a life span of about two to five years, head hair grows longer than other hair on your body. (Eyebrow hairs, on the other hand, have a life span of just three to five months.) If you stopped cutting the hair on your head, you could get it to grow to about your waist before hairs would start to fall out (and new hairs began to grow to replace them). A few people, however, can grow their hair much longer than that. A woman in India holds the record for the longest hair: 13 feet, 10.5 inches.

  • Joke

    Mother: Denny, how did you get your pants so wet?
    Denny: I just washed them.
    Mother: But why don’t you let them dry before you put them on?
    Denny: Because the label says, “Wash and Wear!”.

  • Quotation


    The only justifiable purpose of political institutions is to ensure the unhindered development of the individual.

    --- Albert Einstein

  • Puzzle

    puzzle image
    Move 4 matchsticks to form 10 Squares. All the squares don't have to be flat on the surface and don't have to be the same size.

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