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    What's got a wave but no sea?

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  • Fact

    Why do people and countries go to war with one another?

    Wars have taken place since the beginning of recorded history, and they surely occurred before that as well. A war begins when one group of people (the aggressors) tries to force its will on another group of people, and those people fight back. War frequently springs from the differences between people, or from the desire of one group to increase its power or wealth by taking control of another group’s land. Often the aggressors feel that they are superior to the group they want to dominate: they believe that their religion, culture, or even race is better than that of the people they wish to defeat. This sense of superiority makes them feel that it is acceptable to fight to take the land, possessions, and even lives of the “inferior” group, or to force their ways on the dominated people so that they resemble their conquerors. When Europeans settled North America, for example, the Native Americans who lived there fought a series of wars with them for the next 250 years, trying to keep their land and preserve their way of life. They eventually lost the battle and were forced to either live like their European conquerors or relocate to parcels of land set aside for them called reservations. Civil wars take place between groups of people within a single country, and international wars occur between nations. Because countries can be very different from one another in government, religion, customs, and ideology (ways of thinking), it is not surprising that nations disagree on many things. But great efforts are usually made to settle the disagreements through discussion and negotiation, a process called diplomacy before they result in anything as destructive as a war. War usually occurs when diplomacy fails. Because science and technology have allowed us to create such powerful and destructive weapons that can result in such devastating wars, we now have international organizations that work all the time to try to keep peace among nations.

  • Joke

    Father: Emily, have you seen the newspaper?
    Emily: Yes, Mother wrapped the garbage in it and threw it out.
    Father: Darn. I’d like to have seen what was in it before she threw it out.
    Emily: I can tell you what was in it, Daddy. Some chicken bones, coffee grounds, and old vegetables!

  • Quotation


    Jesus said love one another. He didn't say love the whole world.

    --- Mother Teresa

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    What is the numerical value of each letter to make the statement true?

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