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One Word Answer Questions:
Q) What is the highest Mountain range on the Earth?
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Q) Which animal is found in the desert?
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Q) What is the low land called that lies between mountains or hills called?
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Q) What type of trees are grown in Costal areas?
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Q) The Largest part of our area is covered with what?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) What is a Desert?
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Q) What is land?
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Q) Describe our Earth?
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Q) What are Mountains?
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Q) What is a Forest?
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Importance of Transport System
Transport System in Telangana


In India, most roads are built and maintained by the government. There are different types of roads.These roads are made of gravel. Roadways play an important role in connecting the people in remote areas with the main cities.

Indian National Highway

Railways are mainly used to transport goods like coal, iron ore, fertilizers, cement, food grains etc.Railways transport goods to and from sea ports.


The International Airport is situated in Hyderabad (Shamshabad). The International Airport is meant for travel from Telangana or neighbouring states to foreign countries. This airport also connects Hyderabad with other cities & states within India.

Airways map route

centres. The state of Telangana does not have any coast lines or ports. Andhra Pradesh has 15 ports out of which Visakhapatnam is the largest.Seaports are also crucial as most of our foreign trade is done through them.

National Waterways
Use of Roads for production and sale of goods

paper industry uses lorries to get raw material. industries that produce goods depend on the transport system to reach their consumerscotton produced by farmers moves from fields to factories.markets are thus dependent on transport facilities.

Roa safety
Employment in Transport Activities

Majority of the vehicles running on Telangana roads, that is about, three fourth of them, are two wheelers. The functioning of transport system also requires many support activities - petrol/diesel pump stations, repairing shops, shops selling transport vehicles and spare parts

Employment in transport activities
Transport Services and Choices

It is possible that some of you come to school by buses. People who are employed in factories, offices, households, shops etc. also depend on transport. Every city may not have easy access to public transport such as buses, so the people depend on their own vehicles or hired vehicles like autorickshaws or taxies.People could use a particular mode of transport depending on the facilities available and affordability.

Transport services and choices
Congestion and Pollution

Motorcycles and cars are used in a big way. This has led to the increased use of petrol and diesel, which has increased air pollution. To reduce pollution, we should consume less of these petroleum products. Public transport is more efficient in this aspect as it carries more people with minimum cost.

Congestion and Pollution
Travelling safety

The road accidents, deaths, and injuries affect low income families as many of those killed or injured tend to be cyclists, pedestrians or pavement dwellers. Accidents can occur not on roads alone. There is risk involved in other means of transport too.

Travelling safety for women
Road Safety Week

The government-run companies such as the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation conduct awareness campaigns among drivers and give them training to drive safely. They also go to schools, to organise essay writing, debate and other competitions for students and encourage them to travel safely following traffic rules.

Road Safety in Telangana
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