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One Word Answer Questions:
Q) What is the highest Mountain range on the Earth?
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Q) Which animal is found in the desert?
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Q) What is the low land called that lies between mountains or hills called?
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Q) What type of trees are grown in Costal areas?
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Q) The Largest part of our area is covered with what?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) What is a Desert?
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Q) What is land?
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Q) Describe our Earth?
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Q) What are Mountains?
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Q) What is a Forest?
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Reading Maps of Different Kinds

The world we live in is so full of variety - mountains, hills, sea coasts, deserts, forests, snow-covered regions. By studying them, we can know many things about the world.


Point, Line, Area:
  • We use symbols to show physical objects on the map.
  • If we are asked to show Delhi in the map of India, we will mark a point (.) and label it as Delhi.
  • To show the river Manjeera, we draw a line (-------------) along its course.
  • For the Railway line, we will draw a track line ( .........) to represent it.
  • In Telangana map, if we want to show the area of Medak or Hyderabad district, we demarcate its boundary and mark it with some colour or pattern, which is known as a real symbol. Thus, all physical objects are shown on the map with the help of a point, line or an area symbol.

Physical Maps

In these maps, you will usually find different parts of the land coloured in green, yellow or brown.They show the variety of landforms (mountains, plateaus, plains etc.) and depict the height of places.

physical map of India

One way in which we can show heights on maps is through the use of colour.

Measuring Height on Land

Measuring the height

All heights on the land are calculated from the sea level. Since all the seas in the world are connected to each other, the sea level (the top surface) all over the world is taken to be roughly the same.

Contour Lines

A contour is a line joining places with equal heights on the map.Contour lines are shown in irregular shapes depending upon the land form. These lines cannot cut with each other.

contour lines

The distance between two contour lines will depend upon the landscape. If the land has a steep climb then the contour lines will be near each other. If the slope of the land is gentle, then the contour lines will be quite far from each other.

Uses of Maps showing Heights

These maps help us to understand the nature of the terrain, where the mountains are, where the valleys are, etc.

Maps showing heights

Maps showing height are very essential when roads or dams have to be constructed. If we have to lay roads in an undulating region between two places, such maps help us in deciding the route to be taken by the road. Similarly, when dams are planned, it is necessary to know how much land will be submerged by the water of the dam.

Maps showing heights
Mean Sea Level

There are high tides and low tides on the level of the sea, and they never stand still. As a result of this phenomenon, the level of the sea keeps on either rising or falling

Mean sea level

Why the sea level rises?
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