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Class VI - social: Human Diversity
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) The written account of events in the past is known as?
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Q) People being different from each other in language, religion, culture etc is called?
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Q) What is the main occupation of the people of North India?
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Q) Name the family which consists of only parents and siblings?
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Q) Name one famous dance of Kerala?
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Q) India is country which is dived by ?
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Q) India is a country divided by what ?
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Q) Where does the Tropical Rain occur ?
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Q) What is monsoon forest ?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) Define poverty line? What is the poverty line of urban areas and rural areas?
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Q) Why does society need diversity?
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Q) How has the caste system harmed society?
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Q) Explain about the nature of economic inequality in India?
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Q) Differentiate between a joint family and a nuclear family?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Explain the need for diversity in India?
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Q) Why is educating a girl child important? Give reasons?
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Q) Expalin about economic inequality in India?
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Q) Give any five differences between the two states Punjab and Kerala?
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Q) Inspite of diversity in India, the country is united. How?
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Human Diversity
  • Each human being is unique in their physical appearance, nature,language they speak, food they eat,attire they wear,this is known as diversity.
  • Diversity also includes factors like age, gender, race, religion and occupation.
  • Diversity need not mean that each of us does different things all the time.
Human Diversity
Diversified People of India

The Need for Diversity
  • Diversity or variety is one of the most beautiful aspects of life on Earth.
  • Diversity is beautiful and it is also very necessary. We need this diversity.
  • Diversity also enriches our lives.
India-Unity in Diversity
  • India is largest democracy in the world with a civilisation.
  • No country illustrates diversity better than India.
  • Different groups of people from different places of the world migrated to India over the years adding to its richness.
  • Today India is a land of varied cultures, religions and communities.
  • The people of India following different customs, traditions and lifestyle.
Human Diversity
Unity in Diversity

Characteristics of India's Diversity
  • The diversity in India can be studied under the following heads-economic inequality, social diversity, and regional diversity.
Economic Inequality
  • India has some of the richest people in the world.
  • India's economy is booming and people are earning more money than before.
  • India also has some of the poorest people in the world.
  • According to the Government of India, in 2011-2012, 27.5% of the population of India lived below the poverty line.
  • The poverty line is the minimum level of income needed to achieve an adequate standard of living.
Human Diversity
Line Graph

Social diversity
  • India is a country divided by social differences.
  • There are hundreds of castes and sub-castes in India today.
  • People are identified according to the caste to which they belong.
  • In many parts of India people belonging to some sections of society continue to be treated badly.
  • Social diversity is also seen in the variety of religions practised in India and the celebration of their respective festivals.
  • Dusshera, Muharram, Christmas, Diwali, Buddha Jayanti are celebrated by people of different faiths in a spirit of harmony.
  • Some social customs and festivals are typical of a particular region.
  • The different dance forms, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odisssi, Manipuri, and traditional folk dances provide a colourful spectrum of Indian culture.
Human Diversity
Different foods
Human Diversity
Different Festivals

Human Diversity
Different Dances
Human Diversity
Different Religions
Regional Diversity
  • Both the history and the geography of a land influence diversity.
  • Each region of India enjoys a culture that is vastly different from that of other regions.
  • The geography of a land causes diversity. People living on the coast have different food habits, dress differently and enjoy a very different culture from those who live on the mountains.
Human Diversity
People of Costal India
Human Diversity
Children of North East India
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