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Class VI - social: Elements of a Democracy
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) The government choose its representatives through which system?
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Q) Name the body which deals with conflict resolutions in a democracy?
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Q) The direct poll on a government decision is known as?
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Q) What provides equality and justice to all the citizens?
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Q) Elected representatives are answerable to?
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Q) What is Accountability means ?
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Q) Which is most powerful tool direct participation ?
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Q) By what the provision of constitution is protected ?
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Q) Citizens can register complain against ?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) Explain the meaning of participation?
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Q) Explain the term accountability?
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Q) Define the term conflict resolution?
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Q) What is the influence of media on government?
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Q) Name the methods through which people try to influence the government in the decisions?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Describe how democracies ensure equality and justice for all?
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Q) What are the steps taken by the government for the welfare of the people treated as untouchables?
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Q) What are the key elements of democracy?
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Q) Explain about State of emergency in India? Who declared it?
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Q) Explain about untouchability and gender bias system prevailing in India?
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Q) What are the concern for Equality and Justice ?
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Elements of a Democracy

    A democracy has certain key elements which make it the most preferred form of government today. These elements include participation, accountability, conflict resolution, and concern for equality and justice.

  • Participation means 'to take part in'. In democracy, every citizen has the right, to participate in the decision making process of the government.
  • In a democracy there is a fair and free system of election for choosing representatives to the government.
  • People participate in governance by electing the person whom they feel understand their problems the best. This person acts as their representative in the government.
  • In democracies, citizens directly participate in, and influence, government decisions, through methods like strikes, protest marches and rallies.
  • The media is another powerful tool of direct participation. The government does not control the media.
Elements of a Democracy
Voters standing in a queue to cast their vote

  • Accountability means being responsible for one's actions.
  • Every citizen has the power to hold their elected representatives accountable. In case the elected representatives turn out to be dishonest, there are independent bodies like the judiciary and the police to take them to task and punish them.
  • Citizens can register complain against erring political leader.
  • Every democracy has a constitution which specifies the powers of the government and the rules which govern the country.
  • The provisions of the constitution are protected by the judiciary.
Elements of a Democracy
Supreme Court

Conflict resolution
  • The Earth has limited natural resources like land, water, petrol etc.
  • The demands on these resources are increasing day by day.
  • When the resources are limited, but the demands on it many, there is conflict between the various people.
  • In a democracy there are various established methods to resolve such conflicts.
  • The judiciary is the main body which deals with conflicts resolution in a democracy.
  • The court is an important body that resolve conflicts in a fair manner.
  • The police is another body which deals with conflict resolution.
Elements of a Democracy
Police station

Concern for Equality and Justice
  • In a democracy all are treated equally. All are equal in the eyes of the law.
  • In India millions of people suffer because of the caste system and the system of untouchability.
  • Seats are reserved for them in parliament,educational institution and government undertaking.
  • One of the most pressing problems facing the government is the gender bias in India.
  • The government has launched several projects to prevent female infanticide. Girls are given free schooling.
  • These are some of the more important elements of a democracy that make it the most accepted form of governance in the modern world.
Elements of a Democracy
Elements of a Democracy
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