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One Word Answer Questions:
Q) What is the highest Mountain range on the Earth?
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Q) Which animal is found in the desert?
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Q) What is the low land called that lies between mountains or hills called?
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Q) What type of trees are grown in Costal areas?
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Q) The Largest part of our area is covered with what?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) What is a Desert?
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Q) What is land?
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Q) Describe our Earth?
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Q) What are Mountains?
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Q) What is a Forest?
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Historical Sites - Wanaparthy Fort

Wanaparthi fort
Wanaparthi fort

  • The house we live in, clothes we wear, food we eat, traditions we follow, etc., reflect our culture.
  • The facilities we are enjoying now were not there in the past. Similarly there will be many changes occurring in the time to come.
  • It is very interesting to know the events and specialities of the past. It is called history.
  • We can know the happenings of those time through the monuments constructed during that period inscriptions on rocks and book written at that time.
  • There are many forts symbolizing the history of Telangana State.Orugallu, Gadwal, Golconda, Rachakonda, Devarakonda, Bhuvanagiri, Domakonda, Vanaparti,etc., are very famous forts.
  • Kings in those days used to construct forts for protection from enemies and as a symbol of their victories.They stand as evidence to the history of hundreds of years.

Wanaparthi fort - History
Wanaparthi fort History

  • Vanaparti is 140 Kms away from Hyderabad.
  • There used to be many forests there. Hence the name Vanaparti (vanam – forest).
  • Where are the other forts? Who built them?

Monument District Built by
Orugallu Warangal Kakatiyas
Gadwal Mahabubnagar Somanadri
Golconda Hyderabad Quli Qutub Shah
Rachakoonda Nalgonda Recharla Singama Nayaka
Domakonda Nizamabad Kamineni dynasty
Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda Tribhuvana Malla Vikramaditya
Devarakonda Nalgonda Recharla PadmaNayaka
Khammam Qila Khammam Kakatiya Kings
Medak Qila Medak Prathaparudra
Falaknuma Hyderabad Sir Viquar-Ul-Umra

  • The founder of Vanaparti estate was Janu Veera Krishna Reddy.He lived in Patapalli in 1510 A.D.
  • Later he built a fort in Sugur near patapalli and shifted his residence to Sugur. It was named as sugur estate from then onwards.
  • The sugur estate was a subordinate kingdom under Golkonda Sultans. In those days Golkonda was ruled by sultan Quli Qutub Shah. Estate rulers were called as Reddy Rajulu (Reddy Kings).
  • The capital of the estate was changed initially from Patapalli to Sugur, from there to Peddajanam Peta, then to Kothakota, later to Srirangapuram.
  • RamaKrishna Rao, one of the Reddy lords changed the capital from Srirangapuram to Wanaparti in 1807 A.D.
  • Wanaparti continued to be its capital till it was merged in the Indian Union.
  • Out of fifteen generations that ruled Vanaparti estate from 1510 A.D. to 1948 A.D. there were seventeen kings and six queens, The Kings of this estate worked hard for the development of agriculture.
  • They constructed 7 huge tanks in the villages that fall under the range of the estate.
  • They provided irrigation facilities to thousands of acres. The drinking water needs were served by the tanks.

  • Capitals of Wanaparti Estate
    Capitals of Wanaparti Estate

  • Seven Seas (Sapta Samudras)
            SEA                     LOCATION
  1. Sankara Sea             Kanayapalli
  2. Ranga Sea                 Sri Rangapuram
  3. Veera Sea                 Thatipamula
  4. Mahabhupal Sea       Pebberu
  5. Krishna Sea               Sankiredypalli
  6. Gopala Sea               Velturu
  7. Rama Sea                 Rayinpeta
  • Reddy Kings had a good taste in arts. Many colourful designs are found on the walls and the roofs of the buildings constructed by them.Even today, those designs are in tact.
  • They brought men and material from Germany to make those designs. It reflects the artistic grandeur of those days. They encouraged music, dance and handicrafts.
wall designs
Wall Designs
roof designs
Roof Designs

  • Vanaparti Kings built money temples. Among them Bahiri Gopala Rao visited temples in Tirupati, Kanchi Srirangapatnam and built Sri Ranganayaka Swamy temple in Sri Rangapuram.
  • It stands as a proof to the wonderful sculpture of those days. This temple is called as Northern Sri Ranga kshetra.

Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple

Literary service
  • Among the Reddy Kings Bahiri Gopala Rao was a scholar in eight languages.
  • Hence he was called as “Ashta Bhasha Kovidulu” meaning experts in eight languages.
  • Among the Kings of the estate many were not only patrons of literature but also poets themselves.
  • Pavuram Rangachargulu of this estate was the author of more than a hundred books.
  • He participated in the literary discussions with Tirupati Venkata Kavi.
  • Kadukuntla Papa Shastri, author of Bhramarambika Samvadam, Anumula Venkata Subrahmanya Shastri, author of Sri Krishna Charitra Sangraham and Kavyagutcham were known as great poets of the estate.

  • They used to measure the lands and then tax was imposed accordingly. They divided the estate into three parts.
  • They are: 1.Sugur region, 2.Vanaparti region, 3.Keshampeta region.
  • They possessed powerful army. Southern borders of Nizam’s kingdom were protected by this army.

Do you know?
  • After India became independent, Sardar Vallabah Bhai Patel merged all the estates in the Indian Union. Small Estates in our state were also merged. Nizam’s estate was the last in the country to merge in the Indian Union.
  • Raja Rameshwara Rao, one of the rulers of Vanaparti estate constructed Sarala Sagar after his mother Saraladevi. Its speciality is that the gates of this tank get open by themselves when the tank is full. This is called syphon system. It is the first in Asia to be constructed using such technology.
  • Sugur Sikkas : Nizam King Sikandar Shah permitted Ramakrishna Rao to print coins independently. They were valid not only in Vanaparti estate but also in Nizam’s kingdom. These were named as Sugur Sikkas.
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