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Class V - science: Growing Plant
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) A baby plant is called?
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Q) Which seed is dispersed by air?
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Q) Which plant frows from stem cutting?
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Q) Plants give us food to?
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Q) If we want to grow a new Bryophyllum plant, we need to search its buds on the?
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Q) Poppy, pea-pod and balsam seeds get dispersed by?
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Q) In the beginning of the germination, baby plant gets the food from?
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Q) Madar, hiptage and cotton seeds are?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) What is craft?
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Q) Do all seeds grow into plants?Explain?
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Q) What is the Seed leaves?
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Q) What is the Seed coat?
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Q) What are the new plants?
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Q) Explain briefly about kharif?
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Q) Explain briefly about crops?
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Q) Explain briefly about germination?
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Q) Explain briefly about Growing Plant?
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Q) Explain briefly about Structure of Seed?
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Q) Explain briefly about Dispersal of Seeds?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Explain about Growing plant?
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Q) Explain about Structure of seeds?
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Q) What are the Dispersal of seeds?
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Q) Explain about Agriculture?
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Q) How do plants grow from Seeds?
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Q) Explain in detail about New Plants?
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Q) Explain in detail about Germination?
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Q) Explain in detail about Seed coat?
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Q) Explain in detail about Seed leaves?
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Growing Plant

  • Plants give us food to eat, medicines to cure, oxygen to breathe and fibres for clothes . So plants are called our green friends.
  • Without plants we cannot live.

Structure of Seed

Seed coat:-

  • Seed coat is the thick outer covering of the seed.
  • Seed coat Protects the seed.
  • Tiny hole on one side from which the seed sprouts.

Seed leaves:-

  • Food for baby plant is stored in seed leaves(Cotyledons).
  • Baby plant lies between cotyledons.
  • It protects the baby plant.

How do Plants Grow from Seeds:-

  • When seed get enough water, air and sunlight, they grow into new plant.


  • Growth of a baby plant from a seed is called germination.
  • In the beginning of germination, baby plant gets the food from the cotyledons.

Do all seeds grow into plants:-

  • A single plant produces many seeds. But all seeds do not grow into new plants.
  • Seeds are eaten by birds, rats and other animals.
  • Destroyed by wind and rain.
  • Do not get sufficient air, water and warmth.

Dispersal of Seeds

By Wind
  • Some plants have light seeds.
  • Have wings or hair.
  • Wind blows and they are easily carried away.
  • Eg:- Madar, hiptage and cotton seeds.
  • Madar seed with a tuft of hair.
  • Cotton seed With hair all around.
  • Criptage seed A winged seed.
By Animals
  • Human beings eat fruits like apple, mango, and water melon and throw away their seeds.
  • These seeds grow into new plants.
  • Seeds like xanthium,tiger nail and spear grass have hooks or spines.
  • They get attached to the animals body or clothes of human being carried to other places.
  • These seeds also grow into new plants.
  • Eg:-xanthium,tiger nail and spear grass.
  • Squirrels bury nuts to eat during winter and forget, they may sprout into new plant.
By Water
  • Lotus fruit has spongy part.
  • Coconut has thick fibre coat, which make them light and enable them to float on water.
  • Seeds float on water and travel with water waves to far off places.
By Explosions
  • Some fruits burst open or explode when they become dry.
  • Force of explosion helps the seeds scatter away.
  • Eg:- Poppy, Pea-pod and Balsam. Seeds get dispersed by explosion.

New Plants

Vegetative propagation can also be grown from their roots, stems, leaves.

  • Eg:- Carrot, Radish, Turnip, Sweet potato
Stem underground
  • Eg:-Onion, ginger & potato can grow into new plants.
  • They have eyes on them, each eye grows into a buds under suitable conditions.
  • These buds are planted into soil, they grow into new plants.
  • New plant from stem plant line rose, hibiscus, cotton & sugar cane have buds on their stem.
  • Cut their stem and plant in soil it grows into new plant.
  • Eg:-Bryophyllum have buds on the edges of their leaves.
  • When kept in moist soil, these bud produce new plant.
  • Fern, mushroom, and moss do not have flowers, hence they do not produce seeds.
  • Have tiny spores, each spore can grow into a new plant.


The mass production of plants and animals for food and other purpose.

Stages of agriculture:-


Helps to loosen the soil.


Helps to add nutrients in the soil.

Sowing seeds

Plant grow from their seeds.


Helps to supply sufficient water to plants.

Spraying pesticides

Kills the pests and protects the crops.

Cutting and gathering of crops

When crop is ready. It is cut and gathered.


  • Plants of some kind grown at one place, on a large scale, during a particular time are called as crop.

Kharif and Rabi crops:-

  • Crops that are grown from June to October are called kharif.depend on rain.
  • Eg:-Rice and Cotton.
  • Crops that are grown from November to April . do not depend on rain.
  • Eg:-Wheat, gram and pea.

Protection of crops:-

  • Protection from birds, squirrels, moles etc.
  • Need protection from them before and after harvesting.
  • Spray pesticides and insecticides to protect crop.
  • Grains & seeds be stored properly after harvesting the crop.
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