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Class IV - Science: Different games and rules
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) What is the National game of England?
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Q) Name some games which comes under Indoor games ?
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Q) Name some games which comes under Outdoor games ?
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Q) What is the National game of India ?
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Q) How many players are allowed to play in Kabbadi ?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) Explan about Rules of the games ?
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Q) Explan about different types of games ?
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Q) What are the rules of games,explain in brief ?
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Q) Explain about playing games is children's right in few points ?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Explain about Games - results ?
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Q) Write about playing games is children's right
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Q) Expalin about games victory and defeat in games ?
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Q) What are the Rules of the game,explain in details ?
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Q) Explain about rules of the game "Kabaddi" ?
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Different games and rules


We all love to play games. We play inside and outside of our houses or wherever we like. People have been playing games for centuries. But, changes have occured in the way we play the games. Nowadays, we play certain new games. We also play some games which are played in foreign countries.

Rules of the Games

The game, the players divide themselves into groups and discuss the method of playing. They also collect the required materials and make all necessary preparations.

    The repeated, without break; at a stretch and clear aloud sounding of the approved word "KABADDI" within the course of one respiration shall be called 'Cant'.
  • One who enters into the court of the opponent with the cant is known as a 'RAIDER'. The raider must begin his cant before he touches the opponent's court.
  • Discuss with the members of your group the rules of this game.
Rules of the game "Kabaddi"
  • 1.The player who says the cant (kootha) - Kabaddi Kabaddi, should touch the 'bark line'
    before he comes back, otherwise he would be considered as 'out'.
  • 2.The cant should start and stop at the middle line. But it should be in one breath.
    If the cant is stopped in between it is considered to be 'out'.
  • 3.The players who cross the end lines or side lines are considered as 'out'.
  • 4.Those players who are 'out' should sit in the 'sitting box' which would be outside the court.
  • 5.The players who are 'out' can join the team in order whenever the team scores a point.
  • 6.The players should not grow nails.
  • 7.One should not apply oil to the body while playing.
  • 8.While playing especially girls, they should not drag each other by holding hair plaites.
Rules of other games
  • You have understood the rules of the games.
  • The rules help us to play the games properly. The rules control the game.
  • As in games, our home, school and all other places also have certain rules and regulations.
  • Eg: Traffic rules are intended to avoid accidents on the roads.We stop when red light glows, we get ready when orange light glows, move forward when green light glows, keep left as per the direction. We find these traffic signals at cross roads in order to avoid traffic jams and accidents.

  • People are crossing the road at the zebra crossing where white stripes are drawn. It help us to avoid accidents.2.4.
  • Can everybody play games and Everybody likes to play games.
  • The girls play games like ashta chemma, thokkudu billa, tennikoit, vamana gunta only.
  • The boys play games like cricket, volley ball, football.
  • Like the roads, the schools also have certain rules and regulations. For example, as per rules the students,teachers and the headmaster should attend the school(at prayer time) assembly.
  • Classes should be conducted according to time-table, children should play during games period, mid-day-meals should be provided properly and parents meeting should be conducted once in a month.
  • Such rules if observed truly help the schools to develop. Similarly, to govern and develop our country,we have formed certain rules in our constitution.
Sports players

Saina Nehwal
Saina Nehwal
Vishwanathan Anand
Vishwanathan Anand
Mithali Raj
Mithali Raj

Karanam Malleswari
Karanam Malleswari
Gagan Narang
Gagan Narang
Saniya Mirza
Sanya Mirza

Mary Kom
Mary Kom
Koneru Hampi
Koneru Hampi
Sakshi Malik
Sakshi Malik
  • These sportsmen / women made our country proud with their achievements.
  • The had not played games every day, they would not have succeded as sports persons.
  • Anyone can play games. There are many sports women in our country.
  • Many women players won medals in not only National level events but also in Asian games, Common Wealth games, Olympic Games etc.
  • women are competing with men in all the fields.
Games - victory and defeat in games
  • Humans love to play. Winning and losing is quite natural in games.
  • In any game only one team or one person can win. Who ever wins is called ' winner'.
  • Some people get worried when they lose the game. Winning and losing are not important.
  • Importance should be given to the development of good skills.
  • One must learn good sporting skills, patience, winning temperament following rules etc., from others.
  • The players congratulate each other after the competition. Considering victory and defeat to be equal is called 'sportsmen spirit'.
Playing games is children's right
  • All children, boys and girls should play every day.
  • This is children's right.Evening 4 - 6 p.m is children's play time.
  • One should not go to tuitions or do the home work during this time.
  • When we play games we become active and our blood circulates better.
  • All impurities present in our body come out in the form of sweat. During play time, we talk, laugh, solve simple disputes, discuss and,follow the rules.
  • It relieves us from stress and strain and keeps our body healthy and active.
  • It also help us in maintaining good relations with others.
  • If you play games regularly you will become strong and healthy not obeis.
  • We should use the play material available in the school.
  • We must participate in the sports competitions, we must acquire the skills of the games.
  • We should take bath after playing games in the evening.
  • After playing we must study and do the household work.
Games - results
  • Have you ever seen the people who play regularly They are healthy and active.
  • When we play games, we become healthy and active.People co-operate with each other during the play.
  • It inculcates the values of team spirit, playing together and become part of a group.
  • We will be recognised by all when we play games.
  • We can bring name and fame to our family, school, village, district and state.
  • Our Indian team won the gold medal in kabaddi.Similarly our Cricket team won the World Cup in the year 2010.
  • Our players and athlets like Karanam Malleswari
  • Saina Nehwal, Marykom, Leander Paes, Gagan Narang and Vijendra Singh participated in olympics and won medals.
  • The popularity of our country has increased due to them. Eveyone, including players, their family, state and country got a good name.
  • Everyone respects the sportsmen and sportswomen. When we play games we become ready to face challenges of our life.
  • We start helping others on all occassions. Working together with others also becomes a habit.
  • We get sportman spirit and learn to appreciate the winners and encourage the losers.
  • We learn to treat both victory and defeat as equal.

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