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Class IV - Science: Discover the life styles of the wild - Bio diversity

Life Style

Man is a social animal. He can't live in isolation. For his various needs he is dependent on others.

We acquire food to eat,

  1. clothes to wear,
  2. Houses to live in and
  3. Vehicles to travel.
  • What about the animals? How do they live? What do they do for their living? Do you know their life style?
  1. Elephants are large mammals of the family and they are herbivorous.
  2. They prefer to stay near water.
  3. The elephants in the forest live in herds. There may be 10-12 elephants in each herd along with their babies. Female elephants are more in number.
  4. Male elephants leave the herd at the age of 15. Usually, an old female elephant leads the herd. She starts her journey in the morning, with a trumpet. Others follow her.
  5. Discover The Life Style Of Wild
    Elephant Herds
  6. The journey halts where rich vegetation is seen. Everyone feeds on the leaves and the tender branches.
  7. By afternoon, they enter into the water body and play, splashing the water.The babies are taught to swim. This way of living in groups gives protection to the elephants.
  8. That's the life style of an elephant.

You have learnt about the homes of the animals,know we shall discuss about birds.Where do the birds live? How do their homes look like?

  • Birds and animals live in groups. In a group they are protected from enemies.
  • Young ones observe the elders and learn hunting, escaping from the enemies, searching for food and identifying the water bodies.
  • The birds too migrate in Flocks. Even from great heights they can spot crops and they stop to feed. They travel thousands of kilometers in search of food and shelter. Fields and gardens are their areas of food source.
  • Some birds eat insects,fish and other small living organisms. For this, they go to near by lake, pond, canal,river, reservior etc. They do so, in groups.
  • You have learnt about the homes of the animals.Where do the birds live? How do their homes look like?
  • Nest


  • The birds are different, so are their nests. Among Tailor bird, the male bird builds the nest. Female bird lays the eggs in them.
  • They build their nests during egg laying season.
  • Once the young ones develop wings and fly off. They leave the nest, again they build the new nest and lay eggs.They weave their nests constantly.
  • Note

    It is our responsibility to protect birds. The number of birds is reducing with the cutting down of trees, spraying fertilizers on the crops etc. The recent studies say that the radiation from the cell phone towers has affected the population of the sparrows. What are the consequences of bird extinction.

    About Ants:
    • Ants are the ideals, for social living.
    • There is discipline and division of labour in their colonies. The colony consists of queen ants, male ants and the worker ants.
    • Female ants lay the eggs. Protection of the eggs, procuring the food, building and repairing the ant hill are the duties of the worker ants.
    • They build the ant hill with mud. They divide the hill into different compartments for different work. They cut the food into pieces with their jaws.
    • A few ants release a secretion, which gives a specific smell. This smell helps the ants to follow their colony and find their way.
    • When two ants come from opposite direction they touch each other with their heads. Hope, you all have observed this. Why, they do so?
    "They pass information on food source and the route through it."

    Discover The Life Style Of Wild
    Discover The Life Style Of Wild
    Ant Hill

    • An ant can lift a weight 50 times more than its weight.
    • Ants and also all the insects have six legs.
    • Ants have two antenna like feelers on the head. These are useful in finding the sources of food and passing the information to one another.
    • "Ants also live in groups of hundreds. Though they are very small, we can learn a lot from them."
    Honey Bees
    • Like ants, honey bees also live in a colony. There is a division of labour too.
    • You have seen that wild animals like elephants, tigers, monkeys and birds live in groups. It is needed, that human beings should also live in communal harmony with love and peace.
    • If there is any honey beehive on branch of a tree, Did you observe the hive of honey bee? How does the beehive with many rooms look. How do they make honey? Each bee lives in one compartment. Hundreds of bees live together in the hive. Honey is made from their mouth secretions.
    • Assume if we threw a stone on the honey bee hive. What might have happened then? Think. Is it correct to do so? If not why?
    • When we disturb the bee hives, the bees attack the houses. They inject poison like fluid into our body. Sometimes this may lead to death. So, we should not go near them.
    HoneyBee Hive

    Honey Bee Hive

    • Various types of animals,birds, insects, plants and trees existing in one place, is called Biodiversity.
    • Nothing is useless and harmful in the nature Bio-diversity exist more in the forest.
    • Every organism has relationaship with the other organism. Every organism has the right to live.
    • All the organisms living on earth directly or indirectly depend on each other.So,it is our duty to protect each and every organism.
     Discover The Life Style Of Wild
    • Every organism has a specific body structure, food habits and life style.This speciality indicates diversity.
    • In this type of living, the organisms influence one another. We all are interdependent on one another for Water, Air, Food and Shelter.
    • Due to his ignorance,man is cutting down the forests, hunting animals which is leading to imbalance of nature and destruction of bio-diversity.
    • Man is a part of the living things on earth. He is surrounded by plants and animals.

    Hunting Animals

    • Gases like ,Carbon Monoxide,Carbon Dioxide released from man-made things are degrading the resources and polluting the atmosphere. This is affecting the Air, Water, Temperature,Sea Level and the Marine life.Due to the drastic changes in the atmosphere some organisms are extinct and some are Endangered.
    • This biodiversity on earth evolved some million years ago. It is providing us with required food, medicines, wood, fruits, crops, aquatic life, microbes and many other resources.
    • This biodiversity on earth evolved some million years ago. It is providing us with required Food, Medicines, Wood, Fruits, Crops, Aquatic Life, microbes and many other resources.
    • Bio-diversity is being constantly affected by Civilisation, Urbanisation, Industrial Revolution and Human Selfishness etc.
    • With this some species of plants and animals are becoming extinct and leading to Imbalance of Bio-Diversity.
    • Planet Earth belongs to all the living organisms on it. Living things are dependent on the non-living things like Hills, Lakes, Rivers and the Oceans around it. But man is disturbing the natural balance resulting in the extinction of some species.
    • Avoid the wastage of natural resources by conserving them understanding the importance of bio-diversity and protecting it. Maintaining the environmental balance,can only sustain man's life on this earth, otherwise, he will be on the Verge of Extinction.
    Endangered Species

    Did you hear about Dinosaurs? They don't live now. Like them many other plants, birds, animals and insects are not seen now. We lost them! Once the Indian forests had thousands of tigers and lions. Now they have come down to a few hundreds. Cutting down the forests led to their less numbers. Now, its time to save the few left.

    Tiger Cubs

    Tiger cubs

    • The animal shown in the above picture are on the verge of becoming extinct on earth.
    • Man's greed is the cause.To save them,the government is maintaining reserved forest areas for tiger.
    • Wild life sanctuaries and protected lake areas for the birds. Lets protect them. They are our wealth!
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