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Class IV - Science: From village to Delhi

Bus journey

Travelling by bus
  • APSRTC buses run in our state. Different types of buses like "Palle Velugu", express, deluxe, luxury, semi luxury, super luxury, garuda and Indra are run by APSRTC. Reservation facility is available to book the tickets in advance. To travel in buses, online booking facility is also available. 10% concession is given to the people who have a Vanitha Card and Navya CAT Card. Physically handicapped persons too get a concession. Now a days bus tickets are issued by machines. This is called 'TIMS' (Ticket Issuing Machine). There is no tearing and punching of tickets in this method.
  • Tim
    Ticket Issuing Machine
    Cares taken while travelling by bus
  • We have to give the exact change for the ticket and cooperate with the conductor.
  • Travelling without a ticket is a crime. A fine of Rs. 500 or six months imprisonment or both may be levied.
  • The passengers should'nt keep their hands outside the window while travelling the bus.
  • Bus
    Traffic signals
  • "Every Vehicles have signals in order to control the traffic on the roads,these are known by traffic signals." To control the heavy traffic on the roads we find Traffic light arrangement,vehicles are stopped at a red light, started at yellow light and moved forward at green light.
  • Traffic light
    Traffic light
    Zebra crossings
  • People cross the road only on the white lines drawn on the road. These lines are called Zebra crossing.
  • Zebra crossing
    Zebra crossing
    Traffic Police
  • We notice a police man signalling on the roads in white uniform helped the people.He is known by Traffic police.
  • Traffic Police
    Traffic Police
    Speed breakers
  • Vehicles slowed down at certain places due to speed breakers.Hence to control speed of the vehicles speed breakers are engaged.
  • Speed breakers
    Speed breakers
    Care to be taken while travelling by two wheelers
    Observe the pictures below.
    Single travelling
    Multiple travelling
  • To avoid the accidents,We should't travel more than two while we travel by two wheeler.
  • Vehicles will be under control if we limit the speed. Thus accidents can be avoided. The people who use vehicles or pedestrains should necessarily follow road rules. This way we can avoid accidents. School going children or small children should hold the hands of elders while crossing the road. When vehicles are moving on the road we should not cross the road. We should cross the road only at a zebra crossing. If necessary, we should take the help of traffic police.
  • Rules to be followed while driving vehicles.
  • 1.Do not use mobile / cell phone while driving.
  • 2.Wear helmet while riding two wheeler.
  • 3.While travelling in vehicles like car, the people sitting in the front seat and drivers should wear seat belts.
  • 4.We should not listen to music through ear phones while driving a vehicle.
  • 5.The number of passengers should not exceed the vehicle's capacity.
  • 6.Do not overtake without indicating or signaling to the vehicle in front.
  • 7.Do not turn left or right without indicating to the vehicles behind.
  • 8.Follow road rules, according to the signals. We should drive the vehicle with speed limit to avoid accidents.
Train Journey
Train Journey
Train Journey
  • There are rail routes connecting all the states in our country. The trains that run through our state are maintained by South Central Railways. Like we have names, the trains also have names. Telangana Express, Kakthiya Express, Singareni Express, Bangalore Express, Inter City Express, Rajadhani, Tungabhadra Express are some of them. We can book tickets in advance through computer, online. We can book tickets also through tatkal. Senior citizens and physically handicapped persons are given concession.
  • When the train come to the platform, the passengers should check their coach number and go to their seat.When the train starts after person wearing a black coat known by ticket collector come to us for checking the issued ticket. If he finds any person travelling in the train without ticket then he imposes fine and punishment on those passengers.
  • Types of clothes - languages
  • f we observe our co-passengers. They ware different types of dresses. We might have never saw such dresses. They will be speaking various languages. Hence,People in the train were more different in terms of dressing and language than the people in the bus. We hear the announcement in different languages at different stations. We see that the name of the railway station was also written in different languages. Even on the train, we see different languages written.
  • Food on train
  • Trains run through different states, we meet different people of differnet food habits, who speak different languages. Thus trains reflect National Integration. For example,in South India people eat rice but where as in Norht India people eat roti.
  • Cleanliness in trains
  • When the train is moving, some people in the train will eat groundnuts and some others were eating bananas and sweet limes. It is not correct,throwing them in the train. "They could throw in the dust bin" We should'nt wash our hands out of the window while travelling in the train.We should flush the toilet properly after use and we should not use toilets when the train is notmoving.
  • Railway signals
    Railway signals
  • "Even the trains have signals" In order to control the traffic of trains the train stops at a place for a long time,"when the red light is on" . "When a train passes through a level crossing the gates are closed on both sides", When the green light is on the train passed.Gates are opened and vehicles are allowed only after the train has left. Standing near the door causes inconvenience to the passengers who get down and get in.The passengers may slip and may fall on the railway track. The train travelled through different places throughout the day. Hills, forests rivers, crop fields, bridges, tunnels, barren fields and sandy soils were seen through the window.
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