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Class IV - Science: Changing family structure

Family members

  • Generally Indian families comprise of mother, father, grandfather, grandmother and children. Some families called joint families comprise of father's younger brother, his wife (aunt), his elder brother and wife (aunt) along with mother, father,grandparents and children.
  • But nowadays, the structure of such families is changing.How were the families of your grandparents in their childhood can you guess?How are the present day families? Do all the family members always stay together?Do new members join the family? Think... when and why changes take place in a family?
A new arrival
  • Vandana is very excited. Her mother gave birth to a baby girl. She has a new baby sister.
Mother giving birth to a baby

Observe the picture and say
Arrival of mother along with new baby
  • Who were the members of Vandana's family before the arrival of her baby sister?
  • Well! A new born baby has come to Vandana's home;what changes might have occured in their home after the birth of the baby? Many changes occur when new members join the family.Discuss with your friends and write in your note book the changes that have take place.
Changes in the family
Changes in the family
  • Changes certainly occur in the life of family members on the birth of babies.New duties such as giving bath to the baby, cooking special food, taking care of baby, carrying the baby often, handling a crying baby and calming down etc., have to be done. All the family members have to help the mother in doing these things These activities would not be there before the birth of a baby.
Marriage - changes in the family
  • Have you ever attended any marriage? Say, what you have seen there?Rani's brother Srinivas is getting married. The house is decorated beautifully.Relatives came. The people of the house are very busy.
  • The bride came to Rani's house after the marriage. With this, new members joined Rani's family also. Where did Rani's sister-in-law live before the marriage? Where will she reside after the marriage? Discuss the following questions with your friends in groups. Write the answers in your note book.
  • Additions take place in families with marriage and birth of a new born. Similarly, if any family member leaves the family by getting job, death or any other reason, this also brings in changes. This means, the changes come in the family when either a member joins or leaves.
New place or transfer
  • Aditya's family lives in Medak. Aditya's father received a letter from his office.The letter said that he was being promoted and would have to move to Nizamabad.
  • Aditya's family is a joint family. In his family, in addition to his mother, father and sister his grandfather, grandmother, uncle (father's younger brother), aunt(younger brother's wife) and their children live together.
  • Aditya's family vacated the house and left for the new town.Similarly, the father of Aditya's friend Ramesh also got promoted. He was transferred to Siddipet. But, Ramesh's father didn't take his family to the new town. He started travelling to and fro. Discuss with your friends and write down, what changes might come in the families of employees.
  • Families will not be in the same state always. Changes have to come in the families due to various reasons. You have known that the changes occur in the families due to reasons such as marriages, births, transfer to other towns and so on.
  • The changes occur not only because of these reasons but also business, studies, migration for employment, occurence of earthquakes, floods, death of important family members etc;
  • Besides these, when we compare the present times with the past we find that many changes have taken place in the families. How do we know about these things?
Families - yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • You have understood that all families change in some way or the other but for different reasons. Has your family changed too?Most of the families in the past were joint families.
  • In joint families, different members like grandparents, aunts, uncles, their children..... every one lived together as a single family. All members helped each other performed did various kinds of jobs together. They used to share the sorrows as well as the happy moments.Nowadays the number of members in a family are decreasing day by day.
  • Now, it is the parents and their children which are seen in most of the families.These are called nuclear families. They are not taking proper care of grandparents and other old members. Some people are leaving their old parents in old age homes, and keeping their children in the hostels for education. Discuss these changes with the friends in your group and write down the conclusions.
  • You know that all the family members lived together in joint families. Now, let us know what other advantages joint families had. The old people used to be with the childen and helped them in many ways. Children were told stories, unknown things were clarified by the old people. Meals were taken together. Every one helped each other and lived together.
  • Many changes came in the families as the days passed. The joint families have seperated into nuclear families due to people leaving the villages for employment, division of properties, insufficient housing etc;
  • Now think and tell:
  • How was your family in the past? How is it now? What type of family is yours- a joint family or a nuclear family? Which one you feel is better? why?
Home appliances
Home appliances
  • With changes in the families, the method of doing work also changed. Earlier people did their work themselves or took the help of others and did them together.But now, who is doing the work? some families started engaging persons to do the house hold work. Similarly, usage of electricity appliances in the house hold work has increased.
  • Home appliances have changed the method of working.Nowadays, most of the work is not done being done manually.They are depending on the appliances.They use appliances for washing clothes, grinding flour, cleaning the house,cooking etc; We should do work with our hands as far as possible. Usage of home appliances should be reduced. We consume more electricity while using washing machines, mixie, grinder etc, If we do the work manually, we can not only reduce the consumption of electricity but also give maintain our body and become healthy.In addition to this, one also realizes the value of work
  • Observe the picture below



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