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Class III - social: People in Our Lives
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) Who control traffic?
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Q) Who's birthday celebrates as teachers day in india?
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Q) Who treats sick animals?
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Q) Who protect our life and property?
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Q) Who look after our health?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) When do we goto a doctor?
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Q) What does the traffic police do?
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Q) What is the duty of a postal worker?
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Q) Explain what does a teacher do?
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Q) Describe the journey of a letter in your own words?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Write about your favourite teacher?Why?
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Q) Explain about doctor?
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Q) Explain in detail about a postalworker?
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Q) Write about police?
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Q) Wtite about postal worker?
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Some people who play an important role in our lives. Without these people life would be difficult. Our Teachers

  • Teachers are very important to us.
  • They teach us how to write, read sing and dance. They also teach us good habits, manners and values.
  • We celebrate 5th September as Teacher's Day every year to show our love and respect for teachers.


  • When we have fever or any other illness, we go to the doctor. Doctor prescribes medicines.
  • We also go to a doctor for vaccination against some diseases like polio, typhoid and cholera.
  • Every city has one or more hospitals. Many villages have dispensaries or clinics to treat the sick people.
  • Where there are no dispensaries, the government sends mobile dispensaries.
  • A mobile dispensary is a van with a doctor, nurse and some medicines. The van goes from village to village treating the sick people.
  • An animal doctor is called a veterinary doctor. This doctor treats sick and injured animals.


  • Police has to maintain law and order. He/She has to do a lot of work.
  • The policemen go from place to place to catch thieves and bad people.
  • They also protect our life and property.
  • At traffic crossing we will find the traffic police on duty.
  • They help the traffic to move smoothly. We must respect the traffic police and follow their instruction.
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Postal Worker

  • The main link between the post office and us is the postal worker.
  • The postal worker collects letters from the post boxes and takes them to the local post office.
  • The postal workers in those post offices deliver these letters.
  • They also deliver parcels, telegrams and money orders. Heat, cold or rain, nothing stops the postal workers from doing their duty.
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