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Class III - social: Our Occupations
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) What are used to make uterials?
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Q) What is occupation?
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Q) What is the main occupation in coastal areas?
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Q) What involves digging out minerals from inside the earth?
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Q) What is large area of land thickly covered with trees?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) What is the main occupation in villages?Explain briefly?
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Q) Why do people need to have an occupation?Explain briefly?
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Q) Write about Rearing Animals?
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Q) Explain about making goods in factories and selling goods?
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Q) Write about Mining?
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  • We all need food to eat, clothes to wear and a shelter to live in.
  • We can get all these things only if we have the money to buy them.
  • To earn money we have to do some work.
  • Any work that helps a person to earn money is called an occupation.
  • People follow different occupations according to their needs and ability.
  • People work as teachers, scientist, doctors, engineers, nurses, carpenters, tailors, farmers, soldiers etc.
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  • Farming is the main occupation of the people in villages.
  • Indian farmers grow crops, which included food grains, pulses, oil seeds, sugarcane, jute, cotton, spices, tea, fruits and vegetables.
  • The climate, the type of soil and the amount of water available determine the crops that can grow best in a region.

Rearing Animals

  • Different animals are reared for different purposes.
  • Cattle farming consist of rearing cattle like goats, cows, buffaloes and bullocks.
  • We get milk from cows, buffaloes and goats.
  • We get meat from goats. Bullocks are used to plough fields and draw carts.
  • Poultry farming involves rearing hens, ducks and geese for their meat and eggs.
  • Fishing is an important occupation in the coastal areas. Fish is a staple food of many people.

Working in Forests

  • Large parts of our country are covered with thick forests. Many people work in these forests.
  • Some people cut wood, which is used to make furniture, packing boxes, matchboxes, paper and cardboard.
  • Wood is used to build homes.
  • It is also used as a fuel.


  • Mining involves digging out materials such as iron, coal, manganese and petroleum from the earth's surface.
  • In some states of India that are rich in minerals. Mining is an important occupation.
  • Metals are used to make utensils, pipes, machines and many other items.
  • Petroleum gives us petrol, diesel, plastic and medicines.
  • Petrol and diesel are used to run cars and buses .

Making goods

  • A farmer grows cotton in his farms. This cotton has to be converted into clothes for us to wear. This is done in factories.
  • Materials like metals and plastics are made into useful goods such as utensils, buckets, toys, busses and aeroplanes in factories.

Selling Goods

  • Once these goods are made, they have to reach us. A number of people work as shopkeepers or businessmen, to sell the goods to us.
  • Goods have to be transported from one place to another. People working in the transport services help to do this.
  • Beside goods, we also need certain services. Postal, telecom, medical, travel and entertainment are some of them.
  • A number of people work to provide us with these services.
  • All these people are important to us as they provide us with the goods and services we need.
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