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Class III - social: Our Festivals
Short Answer Questions:
Q) Why do we call India'a land of festivals?
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Q) why do we celebrate Independence Day?
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Q) How do we celebrate Republic Day?
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Q) What were the teachings of Gandhiji?
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Q) Name the main festivals of your state?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) How many kinds of festivals celebrated in India?Expain briefly?
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Q) What are Natitional festivals in India?Explain briefly?
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Q) Write about Religious Festivals in India?
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Q) Expalin Briefly about the Harvest festivals in India?
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Q) Who's Birthdays are celebrated as festivals in India?
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    • A festival is a time for fun, joy and celebration. India is a land of festivals.
    • Some festivals are common to the whole country while others are celebrated only in some states.
    • Festivals are mainly of three kinds. These are national, religious and harvest.


    National Festivals

    • National festivals are celebrated throughout the country, as these days are important to all Indians.
    • The three national festivals we celebrate are Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti.

    Independence Day
    • On 15 August we celebrate our Independence Day.
    • On this day, in the year 1947, India won its independence from British rule.
    • Every year a function is held at the Red Fort in New Delhi.
    • The prime Minister hoists the National Flag and gives a speech.
    • On this day, we remember the freedom fighters who gave their lives for the freedom of our country.


    Republic Day
    • On 26 January we celebrate our Republic Day.
    • A grand parade is held at Rajpath in New Delhi. The armed forces, police, folk dancers and schools children are some of those who take part in it.
    • Children who win awards for bravery are part of the parade.
    • They come riding on elephants Tableaux from different states make the parade lively.


    Gandhi Jayanti
    • Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as 'Bapu', Mahatma Gandhiji was born on the 2nd of October in 1869, in Porbandar, Gujarat.
    • We also call him the 'Father of Nation'.
    • We celebrate this day as Gandhi Jayanti. A function is held at his at Samadhi at Raj Ghat in New Delhi.
    • The President, Prime Minister and others offer prayers at the Samadhi.


    Religious Festivals

    Religious festivals are celebrated throughout the country. People belonging to different religions have their own special festivals.

    • Diwali originated in India as a celebration of light, in fact the world Diwali comes from "deepavali", meaning "row of lamps."
    • On this day people decorate their houses with diyas, lights and candles.
    • Children burst firecrackers. People wear new clothes and eat special food and sweets.

    • Holi is called the 'festivals of colours'. It is celebrated mainly in North India.
    • People throw colour on each other.
    • Holi signals the end of the winter.

    • Dussehra celebrates the victory of good over evil.
    • On this day Lord Rama killed Ravana, the ten headed demon king.
    • In West Bengal and some other states, Dussehra is celebrated as Durga Puja.

    • Gurpurbs are festivals that are associated with the lives of the Gurus.
    • They are happy occasions which are celebrated most enthusiastically by Sikhs. The Sikhs goes to Gurudwaras to offer prayers.
    • They also distribute free meals to poor.
    • The birthday of Guru Nanak is the most important Gurpurab.

    • Id-Ul-Fitr is celebrated to mark the end of a month long period of fasting called Ramzan.
    • People wear new cloths.
    • During Id-Ul-Fitr money and cloths are donated to the poor.

    • Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year as the birthday of Jesus Christ.
    • On 24th December at mid-night, special prayers take place in churches.
    • Christmas trees are decorated and plum cakes are specially baked.
    • Children love to receive gifts from Santa Claus.


    Harvest Festivals

    • Harvest is the time when crops are ready for cutting and gathering.
    • Harvest festivals are celebrated in all the states.

    • Bihu is the harvest festival of Assam.
    • Buffalo fights, big bonfire, singing, dancing are part of the festival.
    • Young girls wearing traditional Assamese cloths are seen performing special Bihu songs and dances.


    • Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamilnadu.
    • It is celebrated for three days.
    • People draw kolams to decorate their houses.
    • In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka the festival is called Sankranti.


    • Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala.
    • It is called the festival of flowers.
    • People buy new cloths and eat special meal, which is served on banana leafs.
    • Boat races are held at number of places in Kerala. This is one of the main attractions of Onam.


    • Baishakhi is the harvesting festival of North India.
    • It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Punjab.



    • Birthdays of great people are also celebrated as festivals.
    • Gautama Buddha's birthday celebrated as Buddha Purnima.
    • Lord Mahavir's birthday celebrated as Mahavir Jayanti.
    • Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday on 14th November celebrated as Children's Day.
    • On 5th September, Dr. S. Radha Krishnan's birthday celebrated as Teacher's day.

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