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Class III - social: Our Environment
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) Name any one of your needs?
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Q) Name any one of you wants?
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Q) Name any one type of living thing?
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Q) Name any one type of non- living thing?
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Q) When was world environment day celebrated?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) What are the thing that make up your environment?
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Q) List three of your needs and three of your wants?
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Q) Mention three differences between living and non-living things?
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Q) What is pollution?Give three examples of pollution?
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Q) How can we take care of the environment?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Write briefly about our environment?
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Q) Explain briefly about Natural environment and human- made environment?
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Q) Write briefly about our needs and wants?
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Q) Explain briefly about Pollution?
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Q) Write briefly about saving our environment?
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  • The word environment means to encircle or surround.
  • Everything surround us formed our environment which includes both living and non-living things.
  • People, plants, animals etc. are examples of living things.
  • Rocks, cars, water, tables, chairs etc. are examples of non-living things.

Some Differences between Living and Non-living things.


Natural And Human Made

  • Things made by nature like soil, water, plant, air, animals are part of natural environment.
  • Buildings, road, cars, computers and cloths are made by human, these are part of the human made environment.

Our Needs And Wants

  • We need air to breath, water to drink, food to eat, a house to live in and cloths to wear.We can't stay alive without these. These are our needs.
  • However, we don't need a computer, a television, a mobile or a car to stay alive. These are our wants.
  • Our wants are unending and far exceed our needs.
  • Our natural resources are getting used very fast for our increasing wants.Forests are being cut down to create more farm lands, housing colonies and factories.


  • Pollution happens when something harmful enters the environment and spoils it.
  • Things that don't decay like plastic, pollute the environment.
  • Our greed for more and more things is polluting the environment.
  • Chemicals releases from factories to rivers pollute the water.
  • Farmers pollute the soil by using fertilisers.
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Saving Our Environment

  • We can stop wasting paper as wasting paper means cutting down more and more trees.
  • We can stop buying things which are made by killing animals.
  • We can cycle or walk to nearby places instead of taking car or a bus, to save on fuel and control air pollution.
  • We can shut taps when not in use to save water.
  • We can refuse to use polythene bags.
  • The World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5 June.
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