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Class III - social: Means of Communication
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) The way of expressing our thoughts is known as?

Q) What can be sent through fax machine?

Q) What is the fastest means of Communication?

Q) What can be used for downloading and reading digital books and periodicals?

Q) What is the most popular and cheapest means of communication?

Short Answer Questions:
Q) Write a short note on satellites?

Q) List out the types of communications?

Q) Write a short note on telephone?

Q) What is mass communication?

Q) What is smart communication?

Long Answer Questions:
Q) Explain about Internet and E-mail?

Q) Explain about Smart phones and e-readers?

Q) What is Mass Communication?

Q) Define Postal System and how it works?

Q) What is Communication?

Test Yourself

    ★Means of Communication★

    Means of Communication
    ★What is Communication?
    • The communication is the way of expressing our thoughts. In other words, communication means sending or receiving message from one end to other.
    Means of Communication
    • We can express our feelings to other by speaking, writing or silent indications.
    • All living beings communicate to each other in different ways. They have different types of voices and they understand meaning of voice of their species. Human has also developed this dialect to communicate with others.
    • Long ago, trained pigeons carried messages from one place to another.Means of Communication
    • People went on foot or on animals to deliver messages.
    • Today, we have several faster and more reliable means of communication.

    ★Postal System
    • Letter is a most popular and cheapest means of communication.
    • We can buy stamps, inland letter, postcards and stamped envelopes from post office.
    • Urgent letters or parcels can be sent to any city of our country through Speed Post or by courier.
    • We want a message to reach someone very quickly, we can send a telegram.

    Means of Communication Means of Communication Means of Communication Means of Communication


    Means of Communication

    • The fastest means of communication is the telephone.
    • We can easily talk to our friends or relatives in our city, another city, or another country.
    • Written message can be sent instantly through a fax machine.
    Means of Communication

    • We can send messages or SMS through our mobile phones.
    Means of Communication

    ★Mass Communication
    • Newspapers, radio and television help to communicate with a large number of people at the same time.

    Means of Communication

    • A newspaper gives us detailed news of events taking places in our country as well as in the world.
    • Radio and television provide the latest information on important events.
    • They give us the daily weather forecast. We can listen or watch variety of programmes.
    • The television has become the most popular means of communication in our country.

    Means of Communication Means of Communication

    ★Smart Communications★

    • Satellites placed high above the Earth help to send telephone messages, radio and TV programmes around the world.
    • It is because of satellites that we are able to see sports and other events taking place in the world.

    Means of Communication

    ★Internet and E-mail

    Means of Communication

    • The Internet and e-mail are now a popular means of communication.
    • Computers and the Internet have made communication faster.
    Means of Communication Means of Communication
    • We can send pictures and messages from one computer to another on the Internet.
    • We can get information about the weather, latest happenings around the world.
    • We want to know anything through the Internet.

    ★Smart phones and e-readers
    • A smart phone combines the features of a phone and a computer.
    • We can use it to make telephone calls, send and receive e-mails and check office documents.
    • E-readers can be used for downloading and reading digital books and periodicals.
    All these latest means of communication have brought the world closer and helped to connect people better.

    Means of Communication Means of Communication
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