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Class III - social: Earth_the Living Planet:
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) Which is known as the living planet?
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Q) What is a coast?
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Q) Which layer is surrounded by the earth?
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Q) Earth is made up of ?
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Q) Where do we get light from?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) Write a short note on horizon?
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Q) Explain the Sky?
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Q) Who proved that earth is a ball?
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Q) Who are astronauts?
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Q) Explain the surface of the earth?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Explain briefly about the shape of the earth?
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Q) Explain in detail about the earth?
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Q) Explain about the horizon and a coast?
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Q) Which planet is known as living planet ? Explain in detail?
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Q) Explain about the horizon and a coast and the sky?
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The Earth

The Earth is home to all living things. Many different kinds of plants and animals live here.

  • The Earth is a living planet. All living things need air, water and the right amount of warmth to live.
  • The Earth gets heat and light from the sun.
  • A layer of air, called the atmosphere, surrounds the Earth.
  • The surface of the Earth is made up of land and water. About three-fourths of the Earth is covered with water and one-fourths by land.
The Shape of the Earth
  • About 500 years ago, Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese sailor, set out with a fleet of ships on a long voyage from Spain.
  • He kept sailing in one direction. After three years, his ships reached the same place from where they had started. The sailors had really sailed around the Earth.
  • Magellan proved that the Earth is round like a ball, not flat as people earlier thought.
  • The astronauts proved this. Astronauts are people who have been trained to travel in space in rockets and spaceships.
  • When the astronauts looked at the Earth from outer space, they found at very small.
The Horizon
  • Looking from a distance the land and sky seem to meet. But in reality they do not meet.
  • The place at which the land and sky appear to meet is called the horizon. Every time we come closer to the horizon it seems to move further away.
The Coast
  • Land and Sea meet at the coast. If we stand on the coast and face the sea, it will seem as if the water and the sky are meeting at a distance. This does not happen in reality.
The Sky
  • Above the Earth is the sky. It looks blue though it is really not so. It is just a vast space surrounding the Earth. The Sun, the stars and the Moon are heavenly bodies in this space.
  • earth1
    The Earth is made up of Land and Water
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