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Class III - social: Early Humans
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) Where did early human lived?
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Q) How they covered there bodies?
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Q) Name any one type of tools they used to made?
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Q) How early humans they made fire?
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Q) What is sledges?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) What did the early humans eat in the beginning?
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Q) How did early humans make fire?
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Q) How was fire useful to the early humans?
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Q) Why did early humans settle near rivers?
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Q) How was the first sledge made?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Where did early humans live and what kind of clothes did they wear?
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Q) Which discovery made it possible for humans to settle down in one place?
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Q) How did early humans get the idea of the wheel explain briefly?
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Q) How transport developed explain briefly?
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Q) Explain briefly about settling in villages and taming of animals?
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Early Humans

  • Early humans lived in jungles.
  • They spent most of their time looking for food.
  • They did not know farming.
  • They roamed in the jungle for food.
  • They eat wild fruit and roots, hunted small animals.

Shelter and Clothing

  • Early humans lived in natural caves or under large trees to protect themselves from the Sun, wind and rain.
  • They covered themselves with the skins of animals and leaves of trees.
  • They used sharp pieces of stone as tools.


  • They used sharp edged stones for killing animals.
  • They used animal horns and bones for making tools.
  • Early humans learnt to tie a sharp stone to a wooden stick and used it like a spear to kill animals.

Early Humans discover Fire

  • They were afraid of fire.
  • They realised that fire help them to keep away from animals and cold and discovered that fire made the flesh tastier.
  • The early humans discovered that rubbing two stones could make fire.
  • Many people still worship fire.

Beginning of Farming

  • Early humans kept moving from place to place in search of food.
  • They had discovered farming. They found that they threw the seeds of the fruits they ate, new plants grew from the seeds and fruits grew on them.
  • They could now settle down in one place.


  • Early humans learnt that plants need water to grow.
  • The places were mostly near rivers.
  • They started settling down in village near rivers.

Taming of animals

  • They learnt that some animals such as cows, bullocks, horses, donkey or dog could be tamed easily.
  • They used their animals for ploughing land, milk and meat.
  • They used for carrying loads. This made the work easier.

Invention of wheel

  • Early humans had seen that round logs of wood rolling easily in uneven surfaces.
  • They started putting round logs under their carts to carry from one place to another place. Thus the wheel was invented.
  • Invention of the wheel is a landmark in mankind. This made land travel faster and easier.

Development of Transport

  • Early humans also used their tamed animals for carrying loads which includes killed animals, wood and food grains.
  • They also tied number of logs together and made raft to travel and carry heavy loads by water.
  • They had also created carts which is pulled either by them or by the animals, this are called sledges.
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