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Class III - social: Continents and Oceans
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) What is Globe?
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Q) What is Atlas?
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Q) Name any one direction on a map?
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Q) Name any one type of continent?
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Q) Name any one type of ocean?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) What is a continent?
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Q) What is an Ocean?
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Q) Why is a map more useful than a globe?
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Q) How do we find directions on a map?
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Q) Draw a compass and describe it?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Expain about Globes?
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Q) Expain about Directions on Map?
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Q) Write about Oceans?
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Q) Explain about Continents?
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Q) Write about Map?
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Globes and Maps

  • A model of Earth, called a globe, shows us the whole Earth. We can rotate it see different places. However, a globe is not big enough to show all the places in detail.
  • To solve this problem we have drawing of a part of the Earth or the whole of it. Such drawings are called maps.
  • A map can be big or small. We can hang a big map on a wall. It's called wall map.
  • A book of small maps is called an atlas.
Wall Map

Directions on a Map

  • There are four main directions. They are North, South, East and West. If you stand facing a map, the top part of the map is north, the bottom is south, to your right is east and to your left is west. These directions help us to locate places on a map.
Continents5 Continents6


  • A very large landmass is called Continent. A very large body of water is called an Ocean.
  • There are seven continents.
    1. Asia
    2. Africa
    3. Europe
    4. North-America
    5. South-America
    6. Australia
    7. Antarctica
  • The smallest continent is Australia. The largest continent is Asia.
  • Continents are further divided into smaller parts called countries. India is a country in the continent of Asia.
  • There are five Oceans.
    1. Pacific Ocean
    2. the Atlantic Ocean
    3. the Indian Ocean
    4. the Southern Ocean
    5. Arctic Ocean.
  • Ocean
    Seven continents and Five Oceans
  • The Pacific Ocean is the largest and the Arctic Ocean is the smallest.
  • Oceans are very deep. The Oceans floors are not plain or flat. There are long mountain ranges and trenches on the Ocean floors.
  • A sea is also large water body but it is smaller than an Ocean.
  • Ocean   Oceanbed
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