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Class III - social: The Clothes We Wear
Short Answer Questions:
Q) Expain briefly about the clothes that people wear in kashmir?
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Q) Why do you think Western dresses are beoming popular in our country?
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Q) What is the traditional dress worn by the men of Rajasthan and Gujarat?
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Q) Expain briefly about the clothes that people wear in Tamilnadu?
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Q) What are the clothes commonly worn by men and women in cities these days?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Write about the Men Wear in India?
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Q) What Our Women Wear in India?Explain briefly?
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Q) Why do people in different parts of our country wear different tytpes of clothes?Explain briefly?
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Q) Explain about lower garment,upper garment and lungi?
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Q) In what ways do the saris worn by women in different states of India differ?Explain briefly?
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  • India is a land of variety. This can be seen in its landform, climate, and food as well as in the clothes that people wear.
  • People dress differently in different regions of India.
  • The clothes that people wear are largely influenced by the climate of the place they live in.
  • The clothes that people wear also changes according to the seasons.
  • Some clothes are common throughout our country. Saree's, salwar-kameez, trousers, shirts, kurta and pyjamas are dresses worn all over the country.

What Our Men Wear

  • Men wear different clothes in different states.
  • Shirts and trousers are common dress in cities and country.
  • Kurtas are worn in different combinations in different places.
  • A lungi is a cloth worn around the waist by men.
  • The lungi is called mundu in Kerala and vesthi in Tamil Nadu.
  • In several states, men wear turbans or caps to cover their heads.
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What Our Women Wear

  • Women in India wear a variety of colourful clothes.
  • Saree is the most common piece of clothing but it is tied in different ways in different states.
  • Salwar-kameez has become popular in other parts of the country too.
  • The people of India, especially women, like wearing their traditional clothes.
  • Western clothes have also become popular among both men and women.
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