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Class III - social: Chennai_Tamil Nadu
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) What is the traditional dress in chennai for man?
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Q) In earlier days chennai is know?
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Q) Which language is spoken in chennai?
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Q) What is the staple food of the people of chennai?
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Q) What is the capital of chennai?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) What kind of clothes do people wear in chennai?
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Q) Which is the most important festival celebrated in chennai?
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Q) Name three important industries in chennai?
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Q) List four dishes eaten by the people of chennai?
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Q) Name three places of tourist interest in chennai?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Explain about climate in chennai?
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Q) Explain about clothes in chennai?
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Q) Explain about food in chennai?
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Q) Explain briefly about industry and tourist attractions in chennai?
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Q) Explain about Language and culture?
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Introduction of Chennai

  • Chennai is a capital of Tamil Nadu. Chennai was earlier known as Madras.
  • It is situated on the south-eastern coast of India, facing the Bay of Bengal.
  • Chennai is a port city.

Tourist Attractions

  • Chennai is a city of temples.
  • The Kapaleeshwarar Temple in Mylapore is a famous landmark of Chennai.
  • Some of the other tourist places are
Marina Beach and Snake Park
chennai chennai

Chennai Museum and St Thomas Church
chennai chennai

Golden Beach and Fort St George
chennai chennai

Food And Festivals

  • Rice is the staple food of the people.
  • Kesari is a popular sweet in Chennai.
  • They like to eat rasam, sambhar, poriyal and curd. Other popular dishes are idli, dosa, vada and upma.
  • The harvest festival called Pongal is the most popular festival in Chennai. It is celebrated for three days in January.
  • All the important Indian festivals are celebrated in Chennai.


  • Chennai is hot and humid throughout the year.
  • The sea breeze during the day and the land breez at night gives people some relief from the hot weather.
  • Chennai gets rain mainly in the months of October to December.


  • Chennai has important industries like information technology (IT), cotton textiles and leather.
  • Chennai has many other factories and oil refinery too.
  • Chennai has a well-known film industry.
chennai chennai

Language And Culture

  • The main language spoken in Chennai is Tamil.
  • The people enjoy playing cricket, football, tennis and chess.
  • Bharatanatyam is a well-known classical dance form of Tamil Nadu.
  • Carnatic music is the traditional music of the state.


  • The traditional dress for men is the veshti and shirt.
  • Women wear Sari-Blouse and girls wear pavadai and blouse.
  • People mostly wear cotton clothes throughout the year.
chennai chennai
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