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Class III - Maths: Patterns
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) Which sized apple comes next?
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Q) Which pattern comes next?
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Q) Put the correct letter in the image
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Q) Write the next colour of the leaf in the image
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Q) Write the next two shapes of the pattern
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) Fill in the blank with correct fruit in the image the
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Q) Fill in the blank with correct number pattern
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Q) Write the colours of the next coming music nodes from the 4figures
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Q) Fill the number pattern of the image
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Q) Write the shapes of the next images from the figure
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Fill in the blanks with exact numbers in the pattern of the images
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Q) Fill in the blanks with exact numbers in the pattern of the images
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Q) What colour comes next ?
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Q) Write the correct letters of the given images
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Q) Write the next preceedind colours of the images given below
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Figures through which a line can be drawn to divide them into two equal halves are called symmetrical figures.


Look at one half of the shapes shown here and observe how they look on being completed.

Take a mirror, put it on the line. Observe the full picture.

Do This

Symmetry can also be seen in plane shapes.
A plane shape is said to be symmetrical about a line, if the line divides the shape into two equal halves.
Some shapes have one line of symmetry, while some have two or even more lines.
There are also some shapes which are not symmetrical at all.
Let us observe the line of symmetry in shapes.

  • One Line Of Symmetry

  • symmetryandpatterns

  • Two Lines Of Symmetry

  • symmetryandpatterns

  • Three Lines Of Symmetry

  • symmetryandpatterns

  • Four Lines Of Symmetry

  • symmetryandpatterns

  • Five Lines Of Symmetry

  • symmetryandpatterns

  • No Line Of Symmetry

  • symmetryandpatterns10.png

Non Symmetry

Tiling Patterns
  • You must have seen beautiful patterns made of titles on the floor and bathroom walls in many buildings
  • Tiles are of various shapes. Some are square in shape, some are rectangular, while some are in the shape of a triangle
  • tilings
  • The colours used for the tiles create different patterns, with the same shapes.
  • Some tiles have six sides. We can completely cover the floors by using tiles without leaving any gaps in between the two tiles.
  • Activity-2

    Take a match-box. Put it on a paper. Trace and cut it as shown in the picture.


    Fold it such that one half covers the other half.

    Did you and your classmates fold the paper in the same way? You will find that the paper can be folded in various ways.


    Put a mirror on the line in each picture. What do you see in the mirror?

    Do This
Numbers And Patterns

Numbers also have patterns. Let us see

  • We know that numbers from which we can make pairs are called even numbers
  • The numbers which are not even are odd numbers
  • When we add 2 odd numbers or 2 even numbes, the sum is always an even number
  • When we add 1 odd and 1 even number, the sum is always an odd number
8+2=10( even+even=even)
Patterns In Numbers
  • Numbers arranged in a series follow a pattern
  • If we find the pattern in a series, we can write more numbers in the same series
  • 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, _, _, _
  • Here, we see that each number is an odd number, and the next number is 2 more than the previous number
  • So, the next 3 numbers will be 13, 15, and 17.

Take a sheet of paper. Fold it into half.

Do This
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