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Class III - Maths: Measurement
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) Convert the following into centimeter 9 m = ____ cm?
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Q) Convert each of the following into meters 800 cm = ___ m?
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Q) Convert the following into centimeter 9 m 6 cm = ____ cm?
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Q) Convert km and m into m 8 km 215 m = ____ m?
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Q) convert m into km and m 5675 m = ____km ____m?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) convert kg and g into grams for 5 kg 625 g = ___ g?
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Q) Write in columns and substract 4L 725 mL form 8 L 710 mL?
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Q) Write columns and add 4 L 725 mL;2L 109 Ml and 12 L 650 mL?
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Q) Convert liters and milliliters into milliliters for 5L 205 mL = ___?
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Q) Substract by writing in columns 93 Kg from 104 Kg 725 g?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Convert grams into kg and g 7216 =___ and 2698 g =____?
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Q) The capacity of each container is given. The small cup has a capacity of 200ml. Write the number of cups of water needed to fill the different containers?
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Q) A water tank has 48 L 275 mL of water in it. If 37 L 386 ml is used, how much water is left in the tank?
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Q) Explain about Measuring weight (or mass)?
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Q) Explain about conversion units of length ?
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Q) Explain about coversion of centimeters into meters and measuring long distance?
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Q) Explain about Measuring capacity?
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We use scale to measure small lengths. We use a measuring tape to measure bigger lengths.
For example, a hockey stick is about 1 meter long.
Centimeter,meter, and kilometer are the most used units of length.

Conversion of units of length

    Conversion of meters into centimeters.

    A meter is a larger unit than a centimeter.
    1 m=100 cm

    How many cm are there in 3 m.
    3m = 1 m +1 m+1 m = 3× 1 m= 3×100 cm= 300 cm.

    •Example:Convert 7 m into centimeters.
    7 m= 7× 1 m = 7×100 cm= 700 cm.

    •Example 2:Convert 8 m 15 cm into centimeters.
    8 m 15 cm= 8 m+ 15 cm
    = 8×100 cm + 15 cm
    =800 cm + 15 cm= 815 cm.

    •Example: Convert 800 cm into meters.
    800 cm=(800÷100)m=8m
    Answer = 8 m.

Measuring Distances

    Ravi takes both dogs for a walk every day.
    Ravi takes the dogs along for a distance of 4 kilometers.
    What is a kilometer?
    It is a unit used to measure long distances like the distance between two cities or towns.

    1000 meters=1 kilometer.
    4 kilometers = 4 × 1000meters =4000meters
    4000meters = 4km
    In short, kilometer is written as km.

    Measuring Weight(Or Mass)

    •Sachin had gone to buy meat for the dogs to eat. He bought 600 gm of meat for Dido and 400 gm for Dullu. How many kilograms did he buy in all?
    •We use a weighing balance to find out the weights of objects.
    A fruit and vegetable seller or a grocer uses standard weights to weigh objects. Generally, he keeps weighs of 5 kgs, 2 kg, 1 kg, 500g, 200g, 100g and 50g.


    1kg=1000g =500g+500g.

    There are different combinations by which we can make a kilogram.

    Measuring Capacity

    Tommy and Johny were drinking milk from their bowls. Johny loved milk but Tommy did not.
    Dolly gives 750 milliliters of milk to Johny and 250 milliliters of milk to Tommy. How much milk does she give the dogs in all?
    Milliliter is written as ml.

    + TH H T O
    1 71 5 0
    2 5 0
    1 0 0 0
    Dolly gives 1000 ml of milk to the two dogs together.

    1000 ml=1 liter.
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