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Class II - science: WATER
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) How many glasses for drinking?
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Q) How many glasses for Brushing?
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Q) How many mugs for Bathing?
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Q) Which is a main source of water?
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Q) What is a puddle?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) How does water from a river go up in the air?
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Q) Explain about sea and underground water?
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Q) Explain about water cycle?
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Q) What happen when water vapour is cooled?
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Q) Explain sources of water?
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Sources of water

Rain is our main source of water.

Rain water fills up ponds, lakes, streams, river, and seas.

Puddle Is a small pool of rain water on the ground.Water
Pond Small body of water surrounded by land on all the sides
LakeLarge body of water, surrounded by landWater
Stream Thin channel of water flowing down a mountain.>Water
River Stream becomes bigger and bigger to form riverWater

River Flows into sea


  • Huge body of water.
  • Sea water is salty.

Underground water:-

  • Water under the ground.
  • Dig wells to get ground water.

Drinking Water:-

  • We drink water from lakes, rivers and wells. Sea water is salty we cannot drink.
  • Water in lakes and river is not very clean. It has dirt & germs.
  • Drinking water is first purified in water works.
  • Some people collect water directly from the river, lake, pond or well.
  • It has to be boiled to kill the germs.
  • It has to be filtered to remove dirt before drinking.
  • It's good to drink water after filtration.




Forms Of Water:-

Steam cools down and changes to small drops of water this process is called condensation of water.

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