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Class II - science: USES OF PLANTS
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) How we use cloves in our food?
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Q) Which part of the carrot plant do we eat?
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Q) Which part of the potato plant do we eat?
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Q) What we get from suflower seeds?
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Q) From where we get fibers?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) Explain about seeds?
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Q) Explain about fibers?
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Q) How do you get perfumes and dyes?
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Q) How do you get medicines?
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Q) How is the neem plant important to us?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) How do we get wood and perfume?
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Q) Name one plant which we make paper and any three uses of coconut plant?
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Q) Name any two palnts from which we make perfume and medicines?
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Q) What is the use of wooden produts and from where we get?
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Q) From where we get spices and seeds? Explain there uses?
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  • Plants play an important role in our day to day life.
  • They give us food, medicines, rubber, gum, fiber, oils, perfume...etc
  • Food:- We eat different parts of plants.
Roots Roots of some plants that we eat beetroot, radish, carrot etc. Plant Life
Fruits Such as orange, apple, coconut etc. Plant Life
Stems Potato, Sugar cane. Plant Life
Leaves Spinach, Coriander. Plant Life
Flowers Cauliflower, Broccoli. Plant Life
  • Cereals, pulses are seeds of plants.They make up the major part of our food.
    Eg:- wheat , rice, corn, chickpeas, green peas.
  • We get oil by crushing the seeds of some plants. We use oil to cook food.
    Eg:- Ground nut, sunflower seeds, mustard seeds, sesame seeds.
Plant Life
Spices We add them to our food to make it tasty.
Eg:- Turmeric, black pepper, cardamom, cloves.
Plant Life
Other Food
  • We get Tea & coffee from plants.
  • They are refreshing drinks.
  • We get chocolate from cocoa seeds.
  • We get sugar from sugar cane plant it is used to sweeten our food and drinks.
Plant Life


Fibres With fibre we make clothes, bags and ropes.
Cotton: Clothes.
Jute: Cloth & rope, bag.
Plant Life
Medicines Some plants give us medicines
Mint: Treats stomach ache.Plant Life
Tulasi (basil): Cough & cold.Plant Life
Neem: Tooth paste, soaps kills germs.Plant Life
Perfumes & Dyes We get perfume From some flower leaves.
Flower: Jasmine, rose get perfume.Plant Life
Dye: Henna leaves powdered and used as dye to colour hair and apply design on women's hand.Plant Life
Paper, Rubber, Gum We make Paper from plants.
Rubber is made from the juice of the rubber trees.Rubber is used for making erasers, tyres, pipes mats..etc
Gum from plants
Bamboo plant: paper
Rubber plant: Tyre
Gum plant: Gum
Wooden product
  • Plant give us wood.
  • We use wood for making houses, furniture, pencils, boats, boxes, bats, carts, musical instruments. Wood is also used as fuel.
Plant Life
  • Plants are used as Hedges in garden and around our houses.
  • Plants are also used for decorations.
  • Many flowers are arranged into bouquets and given as gifts.
Plant Life
Environmental uses
    Plants help in giving us clean air to breathe.
  • Plants gives us shade.They help in keeping surrounding cool.
  • Trees helps us get rains, they make place beautiful and healthy to live
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