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Class II - science: Housing And Clothing
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) Good home has many ?
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Q) Hut is made up of ?
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Q) Icehouse is called as?
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Q) What type of clothes prefer in winter?
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Q) What is the roof of a hut made of?
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Q) Wire meshes on windows helps us keep?
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Q) Doors are made of?
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Q) Nylon is a synthetic fiber. True/false?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) What is an igloo and explain?
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Q) Name two temporary houses?
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Q) Why we need house?
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Q) What is skyscraper?
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Q) Explain about Thatched roofs?
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Q) Name some materials with which houses are made?
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Q) How should you take care of your house?
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Q) How should you take care of your clothes?
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Q) Why should the house have a proper drainage system?
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Q) Name the different kinds of materials used to make cloth?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Explain Clothing?
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Q) Explain Thatched roof?
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Q) Explain Temporary houses?
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Q) Explain Permanent houses?
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Q) Explain housing?
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Q) Explain about Importance of clean clothes?
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Q) Explain about A good house?
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Q) Explain about Fibers?
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Q) Explain about our house?
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  • We need house to live in with our family.
  • We feel safe in our house.
  • Our house protects us from sun, wind, rain and cold.
  • We need store our belongings.
  • It protects from the thieves and animals.


Roof Covers the house house
WallsWalls protects homes from the out side weather. house
RoomsInside the house house
DoorEvery room has atleast one. house
WindowsGood house has many for proper air and light to enter house. house


Permanent houses Temporary houses
Built in a fixed place Folded up or moved from place to place
Made up brick, stones, cement, steel, wood Tent is made of canvas it is portable
Very strong,lost for many years.
Eg:-Houses in cities
Some are made of mud and straw or bamboo. These are called huts
Bungalow:- A big house with a garden Bungalow Not very strong.need repair from time to time.
Sky scraper:- Very tall building with many floors.
Sky Scrapper
Caravan Houses on wheels
CaravanHouse Boat
house boats made on boats


Flat Roof Flat roof made from cement or asbestos. Flat Roof
Thatched Roof Sloping roof made from grass, leaves, straw or tiles.hut have sloping roof. Hut
Sloping Roof In hilly and forest areas.. sloping roof Forest Roof
Igloos Eskimos live in ice houses called igloos.
An igloo dome-shaped roof.
Sloping Roof Help rain water to slide down easily. Roof


Clothes to cover,protect us from the sun,wind, rain and cold.

Winter Summer Rainy
Woollen clothes keeps warm in winter.
In summer, we wear light cotton clothes
We wear rain coat when we go out in rain.
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