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Class II - science: GREEN WORLD
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) What are the plants that protect themselves from being eaten up by animals?
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Q) What are the plants which have long, thin and weak stems?
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Q) What are the plants with no trunks?
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Q) What are big plant with a strong, thick and woody stem?
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Q) Plant with a long, thin and weak stem is called what?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) What is a shrub?
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Q) What is a herb?
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Q) What is a climber?
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Q) What is a tree?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Explain briefly about throny plants?
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Q) Explain briefly about shrubs?
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Q) Explain briefly about climber and creeper?
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Q) Explain briefly about trees?
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Q) Explain briefly about parts of the plant?
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  • Big plants with a strong,thick and woody main stem.
  • Trunks bear many small stems called branches. Branches bear leaves, flowers, and fruits.
  • They have roots which grow deep into the soil in search of water.
  • Eg:- Mango, Peepal, Pine.
  • Can live for many years.
  • Eg:- Banyan tree lives for hundreds of years.
  • Largest banyan tree is in the Botanical Gardens in Kolkata.
Green World
  • Smaller than trees.
  • No trunk.
  • Have thin woody stems.
  • Have many branches.
  • Live for a few years.
  • Eg:- Rose, Jasmine, Cotton.
Green World
  • Very small and delicate.
  • Eg:- Coriander, Spinach, Mint.
  • Soft and thin stems.
  • Always green.
  • Live for one season.
  • Most of our vegetables are herbs.
Green World
Climbers & Creepers
  • Eg:- Money plant, Grape vine, Pea plant, Watermelon, Cucumber, Pumpkin.
  • Long ,thin & weak stems.
  • Some need support to climb & grow
  • Some grow along the ground.
Green World
Thorny plants
  • Have thorns on the stems.
  • Thorns protect the plant from being eaten by animals.
  • Eg:- Rose, Lemon, Cactus.
Green World
Parts of a Plant
  • The different parts of a plant are roots, stem, branches, leaves, flower and fruits.
Green World
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