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One Word Answer Questions:
Q) What is the highest Mountain range on the Earth?
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Q) Which animal is found in the desert?
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Q) What is the low land called that lies between mountains or hills called?
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Q) What type of trees are grown in Costal areas?
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Q) The Largest part of our area is covered with what?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) What is a Desert?
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Q) What is land?
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Q) Describe our Earth?
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Q) What are Mountains?
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Q) What is a Forest?
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Animals Life

Domestic Animals

Pet animals Farm animals
Animals which are kept at home. Animals kept out side at the farm.
  • Eg:- Dogs, Cats, Fish.
  • We care for them.
  • They give us pleasure.
  • Dogs guard houses.
  • Dogs are very loyal and intelligent.
  • Cats keep mice away.
  • Eg:- Cow, Buffaloes, Goats, Sheep, and Hens.
    Cow, Buffaloes, Goats, Sheep give us milk.We make Butter, cheese, ghee, curd, sweets, ice-cream from milk
  • Hens, ducks and geese give us eggs.
  • Fish, Chicken, turkey, goat and sheep for meat.
  • Some animals carry loads called beasts of burden
    Eg:- Donkey, Mules, Horses, Bullocks, Camels, Yak, Reindeer, trained elephants.
  • Oxen-Plough fields
  • Sheep give up wool.
  • Silk worms give us silk.
  • Leather is made from the skin of dead animals.
  • Shoes, Purses, Belts and Jackets are made from leather.
  • Honey bee - Honey & Wax.
  • Dung of cows, horses and goats is used as manure and fuel.
  • Animals give us eggs, milk and other Products too.
Animals Life Animals Life

Wild Animals

Animals which roam around freely in nature called wild animals.

Some live in Jungles, Fields, Water and Fly in air.

Animals that live on land:-

Eg:- Lions, Tigers, Horses, Deer, Elephants

Shelter of land animals:-

Rabbit Burrow(dug by them selves) Animals Life
Snake Anthills or holes(dug by other animals) Animals Life
Lion, Tiger, Bear Safe natural place cave Lion lives in den. Animals Life
Monkey & Squirrels Branches of trees.   Animals Life  Animals Life
Elephants & Deer Rest under the trees in forests. Animals Life

They live in different type of shelters.

Safe from their enemies and weather.

Need shelters to keep their eggs and babies safe.

Food of land Animals:-

Elephants, Deer, Giraffes Eat only plant leaves & Grass
*Elephants can eat 170kg of leaves and grass daily.
*Spend 16-18 hours in a day eating.
Animals Life
Lion, wolves, Foxes Flesh of other animals. Animals Life
Hyenas Eat dead animals killed by other. Animals Life
Bears & Chimpanzees Eat both Plants & animals. Animals Life


Shelters of Birds

  • Birds:- On land or in trees, build nests. Live in holes or in spaces between rocks.
  • Duck, Swans, Storks------ in or near water.
  • Birds moves from one place to other by flying.

Food of birds:-

Sparrows, Pigeons, Crow Seeds, Fruits, worms, Insects.Animals Life
Eagles, Hawks, Owl Kill and eat small animals.Animals Life
Vultures, Crows Flesh of dead animals.
Animals Life
Storks and Kingfisher catch fish & eat
Animals Life
Ducks, Swans Worms, Insects, Small PlantsAnimals Life


Found every where Garden, Houses & Trees.
Breath the soil in air and in water.
Honey bees Build beehives.
Wasps Nests on tree branches or walls of houses.
Ants & Termites Colonies under the soil.

Insects food:-

Grasshoppers, Caterpillars leaves of plantAnimals Life
Ants, Wasps, Dragon flies Insects or dead animalsAnimals Life
Mosquitoes, lice Suck blood of other animalsAnimals Life
Butterflies suck nectar of flowersAnimals Life
Houseflies Liquid food like Juices of fruits and vegetables.Animals Life

Animals In Danger:-

Animals Life Animals Life

Killed for:-

Tigers Skin, Teeth & clawsAnimals Life
Elephants TusksAnimals Life
Crocodiles SkinAnimals Life
Rhinoceroses HornsAnimals Life
Rabbit FurAnimals Life

Endangered animals:-

  • No longer found on Earth.
  • They have become Extinct. Eg:- Dinosaurs
  • So animals for founded in few numbers, They are in danger of extinct. Hence called endangered.
  • Animals Life
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