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Class II - science: AIR
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) Why do we need air?
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Q) What does air contain?
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Q) Fan of a windmill moves with?
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Q) Which helps sailboats to move on water?
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Q) We cannot see it?
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Q) Clothes take long time to dry?
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Q) Explain about condensation?
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Q) Changes in the weather are caused primarily due to?
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Q) When the water vapour in the air condenses and appears as droplets on the ground and other surfaces it is called?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) How do germs mix with water?
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Q) Why should we plant more trees?
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Q) What is breeze?
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Q) What happens when there is a strom?
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Q) What is weathercock used for?
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Q) What do you mean by weather?
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Q) How is condensation different from evaporation?
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Q) What is chlorination?
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Q) Explain sedimentation and decantation?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Explain about Air carries germs?
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Q) Explain about We need clean air?
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Q) Explain about air has dust particals?
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Q) Explain about water vapour?
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Q) What does air contains?
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Q) Explain in detail about Air?
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Q) Explain in detail about Humidity and Condensation?
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Q) Explain in detail about Weather?
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  • Air is all around us
  • We cannot see air but we can feel it.
Air has many gases:-
  • Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen are important gases in air. Living things need air to breathe.
air gases

Air has water vapour:-

  • When water is heated it changes into steam, it rises up and mixes with the air this is called water vapour.
  • When wet clothes are hung. They dry up, the heat of the sun changes the water into water vapour.
water vapour
Air has dust particles:-
  • Through a small gap, when sun light comes, we can see small dust particles floating in the air.
  • When wind blows dust particles are carried with it.When we sweep our houses or roads, dust mix with air.
Green World
Air carries Germs:-
  • Tiny living things float in air .They are called germs.
  • When people cough or sneeze without covering their mouth, germs from their body come out and mix with air.
  • These germs enter our body through our breath & we fall sick.
Green World


  • Lungs need fresh air to be healthy.
  • Dust, smoke, germs make air impure.
fresh air
To get clean air we must:-
  • Plant more trees around us.
  • Keep the windows open to let in fresh air.
  • Play in open places.
  • Use hand kerchief to cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing.


  • When air moves gently.
  • Air moves fast.
  • Very strong wind.
  • A storm can uproot trees and damage buildings.
  • Storms at sea can sink ships.


  • Wind carries small seeds to new places.
moving seed
  • Wind moves sail boats on water.
moving boat
  • Wind makes clouds move.
moving cloud
  • Wind pushes the water in the rivers and seas and causes waves.
moving sea
  • Fan of a wind mill move.Wind mill can pump water, grind grains or make electicity.
wind mill
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