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Class I - Maths: Addition of numbers 1 to 9
One Word Answer Questions:
Q) Add 5 + 3 = ?
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Q) Add 4 + 1 = ?
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Q) Add 3 + 7 = ?
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Q) Add 2 + 6 = ?
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Q) Add 1 + 8 = ?
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Short Answer Questions:
Q) Count the total number of spoons and write in number name
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Q) Count the total number of vessels
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Q) Simplify and write the total number of combinations for 5 are?
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Q) Add 1 + 5+ 3 =?
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Q) Add 2 +7 + 1 = ?
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Long Answer Questions:
Q) Write the number name of the digit 586
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Q) There are 6 spoons in the holder and 2 spoons on the table.Count the totral number of spoons all together?
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Q) Ravi has 3 apples.tina has 5 apples.Tom has 1 apple.Count the total number of apples?
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Q) There are 3 glasses full of water and 7 empty glasses.Count the total number of glasses?
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Q) Bheem has 5 Chocolates and his brother gave him 4 chocolates.Count the total number of chocolates?
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Q) Add the following 6 + 3 + 1 = ?,and write in number name
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Additions 1 To 9

addition_order3 width=

In The Kitchen


Count And Write How Many Are There

The answer is 10.

The answer is 6.

  • When things are put together, they are added.
  • The "+"sign shows addition and "=" sign says 'the same as' or 'equal to'.
  • Use "+" sign instead of "and". Use "=" instead of "is".

Count And Write How Many Are There

The answer is 9.

The answer is 7.
Count, Say, And Write The Numbers In The Empty Boxesaddition_sign4

The answer is 5.

The answer is 5.

The answer is 10.

Adding One

  • When we add 1 to a number, we get the number just after it.
The answer is 8.

Adding Zero

  • When we add zero to a number, we get the same number.

Addition On The Number Line

  • Number line can be used to add the numbers.
  • If there are 3 chocolates and you got 1 more chocolate, the total number of chocolates can be counted using the number line.
Start at 0. Count and jump to 3. Then take 1 more jump. You have reached 4.


Count the addition

addition_line2 + addition_line2 = addition_line2

Addition On The Abacus

addition_line2 + addition_line2 = addition_line2

Draw The Beads On The Abacus And Add

  • The left rod represents the tens and the right rod represents the ones.

Forward Counting For Addition

  • Add 4 and 5 using the number strip
  • Keep your finger on 4 on the number strip, and then move it forward by 5 spaces. You will reach 9.
    so, 4+5=9.

Use The Number Strip To Add And Write The Numbers In The Boxes.

addition_line6 addition_line7

Order In Addition

  • When the numbers are added with the change in their order, the answer remains the same.

Use The Number Strips To Add


Vertical Addition

  • Adding numbers vertically is known as vertical addition.
  • We can see that the answer is same when the numbers are added vertically or horizontally.

Count And Add


Add The Following Numbers


Adding Three Numbers

  • While adding three numbers, we can add them in any order.

Add The Following


Count, Add, And Write The Numbers In The Boxes Following


Add The Following Numbers


Number Combinations

  • Different combinations of two numbers which add up to the same number.
  • So, we can say that the number of combinations is 'one' more than the given number.

Write The Number Combinations According To The Colour Of The Circles


Word Problems

Add And Write The Numbers In The Boxes.

  • There are 5 tomatoes on the table and 2 tomatoes on a plate. How many tomatoes are there in all?
  • Majid has 2 Ice creams, Raj has 1 Ice cream and Sonu has 2 Ice creams. How many ice creams do they have in total?
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