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Class I - Maths: Length Weight Size

In The Garden


Find The Following In The Figure Above

  • The boy on the bicycle
  • The dog
  • The girl on the swing
  • The tree

Measuring Lengths

  • Lengths can be measured using our hand span, foots pan, pace, and cubit.
  • Look at the buildings below.
  • We can see that the building in the second figure is shorter than the first building.

Measuring Weight

  • Weights can be measured by using a balance.
  • We can notice that the heavier pan will go down.
  • When the pans balance, the weight on both the pans is same.
  • Using a weighing machine, we can measure the weight in kilogram(kg) and gram(g).
  • For example, you can weigh your school bag, shoes, tiffin, etc using this weighing machine.

Measuring With A Scale

  • We can measure the length with a centimetre scale.
  • Smaller lengths are measured in centimetres.
  • We can easily measure the lengths of the smaller objects we use in the school like a pencil box, an eraser, a sharpener etc.

Measuring Capacity

  • We can use cups, mugs, small vessels, bottles etc, to measure the quantity of liquid. This is the way we measure the capacity of buckets.
  • Look at the glass which contains more water and the one which contains less water.

The juice in the first glass is more than the second glass.

  • If we look at the capacities of a bottle and a jug, a jug can hold 7 glasses of water and a bottle can hold 4 glasses of water. So, who has the more capacity?

We can easily say that the capacity of the jug is more than the bottle.

  • Water takes the shape of the container it is put in Have a look at the figures below:

Measuring Cup

  • Liquid is measured in litres (l).
  • On measuring the capacity of liquid we can easily differentiate the difference in their litres.
  • A bucket can hold more capacity of water than a bowl. Similarly,
  • A cooking pot can hold less water than a cooking vessel.
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